Navy jet crashes into apartments in Virginia

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A U.S. Navy fighter jet crashed into apartment buildings in the military community of Virginia Beach on Friday, CNN reports. No one was killed.

"I don't speak for anybody's religious beliefs, but the mayor and I both agreed that if you want to define a miracle, what happened here yesterday meets that definition for me," Adm. John Harvey, the four-star head of the U.S. Fleet Forces Command, told reporters.

CNN reports at least seven people, including two pilots who ejected, were injured in the crash. All were released from the hospital as of Saturday, said Harvey, and are in "good shape."

The crash happened in the Hampton Roads area, which has a large concentration of military bases, according to USA TODAY.

According to CNN, the fighter jet experienced a "catastrophic mechanical malfunction" during takeoff Friday, leaking jet fuel over Virginia Beach before diving into a cluster of apartment buildings.

USA TODAY reports a series of bad decisions led the pilot -- a student -- to bypass a potentially safe landing at a coastal Navy base after his engine failed. The pilot ejected and told investigators he screamed in horror as he watched the jet crash in a fiery explosion.

A federal judge ordered the U.S. government to pay the family nearly $18 million in restitution, USA TODAY said.

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