Synthetic drug lab busted in St. Paul

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The Star Tribune reports Ramsey County authorities say they busted the first synthetic drug lab in the county, and possibly the state, on Thursday.

Thousands of dollars' worth of drugs were found in the apartment of a 32-year-old man and a 23-year-old woman. A 4-year-old that was living with the couple has been placed under the care of protective services.

According to the Pioneer Press, the apartment covering the entire second floor of a building at 101 Douglas St., above an antiques store, contained chemicals shipped from China, grain alcohol and ether.

The suspects were taking prescription drugs and turning them into "club drugs," using ether, paint thinner and grain alcohol to alter them, the Star Tribune reports.

In the Pioneer Press article, the county sheriff's office spokesman Randy Gustafson said that the duo was using high-grade chemicals. "It wasn't like your dirty meth-lab operation," Gustafson said.

Charges have not been filed, and the case probably won't be forwarded to the county attorney's office until the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension tests are complete, according to the Star Tribune.

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