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CNN reports George Zimmerman may remain in jail until the middle of next week due to concerns about collecting enough money for his $150,000 bond, his lawyer said Saturday.

Speaking to reporters Saturday outside the jail, Mark O'Mara said his client is "focused on getting out" while still aware this is "a long, long process."

Zimmerman's defense team must worry about his safety once he leaves jail, FOX NEWS reports.

"He clearly puts himself in jeopardy unless he takes precautions," said New York attorney Barry Slotnick, who represented subway shooter Bernhard Goetz in the 1980s. According to FOX NEWS, defense attorneys for other high-profile clients who awaited trial on bail said the best way to protect Zimmerman was to get him out of Florida, keep him from the public eye and never leave him alone.

Zimmerman apologized to Trayvon Martin's family in court on Friday, CNN reports.

CNN reports Martin's parents were "completely devastated" over the decision to allow Zimmerman to post bond and eventually go free, said a family attorney, Benjamin Crump.

Newark mayor saves woman from house fire

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Newark Mayor Cory Booker rescued his 47-year-old neighbor from a burning house Thursday, CNN reports.

KARE 11 reports Booker says he didn't feel brave, but did feel terrified as he dashed through flames with the woman over his shoulder.

The Mayor was treated and released from a hospital after suffering from smoke inhalation and second-degree burns on his right hand, according to KARE 11.

"I'm a neighbor that did what most neighbors would do, which is to jump into action to help a friend," Booker said.

Zina Hodge, Booker's neighbor, is in critical condition, according to CNN. Three others were saved in the fire by officials.

As for being referred to as a "superhero," Booker does not view himself as such. "I think that's way over the top," he said outside his home. "There are people who do this every day."

Navy jet crashes into apartments in Virginia

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A U.S. Navy fighter jet crashed into apartment buildings in the military community of Virginia Beach on Friday, CNN reports. No one was killed.

"I don't speak for anybody's religious beliefs, but the mayor and I both agreed that if you want to define a miracle, what happened here yesterday meets that definition for me," Adm. John Harvey, the four-star head of the U.S. Fleet Forces Command, told reporters.

CNN reports at least seven people, including two pilots who ejected, were injured in the crash. All were released from the hospital as of Saturday, said Harvey, and are in "good shape."

The crash happened in the Hampton Roads area, which has a large concentration of military bases, according to USA TODAY.

According to CNN, the fighter jet experienced a "catastrophic mechanical malfunction" during takeoff Friday, leaking jet fuel over Virginia Beach before diving into a cluster of apartment buildings.

USA TODAY reports a series of bad decisions led the pilot -- a student -- to bypass a potentially safe landing at a coastal Navy base after his engine failed. The pilot ejected and told investigators he screamed in horror as he watched the jet crash in a fiery explosion.

A federal judge ordered the U.S. government to pay the family nearly $18 million in restitution, USA TODAY said.

Mega Millions jackpot will be split three ways

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Lottery officials confirmed Saturday that three winners -- in Maryland, Illinois and Kansas -- will split Friday's record $656 million Mega Millions jackpot, CNN reports.

That equals approximately $218.6 million each.

The winning numbers were 2, 4, 23, 38, 46 with a Mega Ball of 23.

FOX NEWS reports Illinois' winning ticket was sold in the small town of Red Bud, near St. Louis, and the winner used a quick pick to select the numbers, Illinois Lottery spokesman Mike Lang said.

The Maryland Lottery said it sold a winning ticket at a retail store in Baltimore County, according to FOX NEWS. A winning ticket also was purchased in northeast Kansas, according to the Kansas Lottery website.

Americans spent nearly $1.5 billion for a chance to hit the jackpot, which amounts to a $462 million lump sum and around $347 million after federal tax withholding, FOX NEWS reports.

Slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin honored nationwide

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CNN reports worshipers in cities nationwide wore hoodies to church services Sunday to honor Trayvon Martin, a Florida teen who was shot while wearing a hoodie last month.

Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta and Middle Collegiate Church in New York were among the churches honoring the teen, according to CNN.

"All of us have a stake in this, not just black people," said the Rev. Raphael G. Warnock, of Ebenezer, according to CNN affiliate WXIA.

Martin was walking home from the gas station when he was slain in the town of Sanford on Feb. 26, USA TODAY reports.

According to USA TODAY, neighborhood crime-watch captain George Zimmerman claimed he fired at Martin in self-defense and has not been arrested, though state and federal authorities are still investigating. Zimmerman claimed that Martin attacked him.

USA TODAY reports Zimmerman, 28, spotted him and told a police dispatcher: "This guy looks like he is up to no good -- he is on drugs or something."

Friends of Martin find Zimmerman's account hard to believe. They said Martin was not the type of person to start fights, according to USA TODAY.

Gas goes up 12 cents in two weeks

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Gasoline prices have climbed 12 cents over the past two weeks, CNN reports, citing findings from the Lundberg Survey.

It was less of a jump than the previous two weeks, when the price climbed 18 cents, said publisher Trilby Lundberg.

The average price of a gallon of self-serve regular is now $3.81, CNN reports.

CBS News reports Denver has the nation's lowest average price for gas at $3.36 among the cities surveyed. Los Angeles has the highest at $4.35.

"Gasoline prices would like to peak soon because there is too much gasoline supply versus demand," Lundberg said, "except on the West Coast due to refinery maintenance projects."

CNN reports Lundberg said gas prices are up 31 cents from the average last year.

Deadly tornadoes sweep across U.S.

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39 are dead in five states after a series of tornadoes ravaged the Midwest and South on Friday, CNN reports.

Following the devastating storm, the death toll has reached 21 in Kentucky, 13 in Indiana, three in Ohio and one each in Alabama and Georgia.

The remains of houses and trees lie scattered among the extensive debris, according to CNN.

"The whole downtown is gone," said Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear in a telephone interview, The Cypress Times reports. "It looks like a bomb was dropped right in the middle of the town. Every building is destroyed or on the verge of collapsing."

Beshear told reporters he was requesting an expedited disaster declaration from President Barack Obama.

BP oil spill trial postponed

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The trial to determine civil liability for the April 2010 oil spill that was scheduled to begin in Louisiana federal court on Monday has been postponed, CNN reports.

The trial will be delayed a week, according to CNN.

Among the defendants are BP, rig owner Transocean, construction contractor Halliburton, and other firms associated with the project.

The thousands of plaintiffs include fishermen, hotel owners, and other Gulf Coast residents.

The Washington Post reports that District Court Judge Carl Barbier has allotted a total of 6 hours 40 minutes for 11 opening statements from multiple plaintiffs. More than 300 depositions and 72 million pages of documents have been produced, according to one lawyer involved in the case.

Due to its complexity, Barbier has ordered that the case be broken down into three phases.

The first phase will focus on responsibility for the accident itself. The second will address efforts to contain the spill and the exact quantity of oil released. The third phase will examine the response to the disaster and the clean-up effort.

The final payouts that BP and the other firms involved will owe in civil penalties and to the victims are still largely an open question. BP could end up paying roughly $17 billion in civil penalties alone, to go along with the tens of billions more that it will likely owe the victims, said Edward Sherman, a professor at Tulane Law School in Louisiana.

It is uncertain as to how long the trial will last. Pavel Molchanov, an energy analyst at Raymond James, said the case could stretch into 2014 before any appeals are taken into account.

Washington avalanche results in 3 deaths, more missing

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Three people were killed Sunday in an avalanche near a ski resort in Washington state, said King County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Katie Larson.

The Herald Sun reports that as many as eight are still missing.

The avalanche occurred at Stevens Pass, a ski area in the Cascade Mountains northeast of Seattle.

The deaths occurred in an out-of-bounds area near the resort, Sergeant Cindi West said.

All of the skiers were experienced and had the appropriate equipment, Larson said.

Heavy snow has fallen in the area recently. A post on the resort's website Sunday reported that more than 2 feet of snow fell overnight Saturday.

Mitt Romney wins Maine caucuses

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Mitt Romney narrowly beat Ron Paul in Maine's caucuses on Saturday, pulling in 39% in the polls. Paul came in second with 36%.

This win comes at a crucial time for Romney, who recently has suffered a string of losses that have taken momentum away from the campaign.

Republicans will not vote again until the significant primaries in Arizona and Michigan on Feb. 28, followed by Super Tuesday on March 6, when 10 states will hold elections.

The Star Tribune reports that Romney could not afford to lose again. For Paul, the future looks dismal. This loss serves as a sign that it is unlikely that he will be a threat to the leaders in the Republican race.

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