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E-mail causes school to close down

A threatening e-mail caused Lac qui Parle Valley High School in Madison, Minnesota to close down today, Principal Jon Fulton said.

The e-mail included talk of a student threatening to harm other students or staff, similar to a threat made on a Minneapolis school last week, according to the West Central Tribune of nearby Willmar, Minnesota.

The e-mail named a local student, but investigation showed that he was not actually involved. Internet Service Providers said the e-mail appeared to have originated from outside the U.S., according to the Associated Press.

Fulton said that school will proceed as normal starting Monday.

Cops: Man smashes 29 TVs in Wal-Mart

Police said a man smashed 29 TVs at a Wal-Mart in Lilburn, Georgia.

Westley Strellis was charged with 29 counts of criminal damage to property in the second degree after he picked up a baseball bat in the sporting goods section of a Wal-Mart and started smashing flat-screen TVs, according to USA Today.

The televisions are valued at over $22,000, and it is unknown whether Strellis has an attorney or not, according to The Associated Press.

Drug loaded melon intercepted at jail

Jail officials in Washington state intercepted a cantaloupe filled with drugs on Monday.

According to the World Entertainment News Network officers thought there was something odd about the melon when they saw it was cut near the top. After further investigation they found a bag of oxycodone pills and some tobacco inside.

The Associated Press said that the jail routinely receives surplus food from area grocery stores and unauthorized materials have come with it before.

A surveillance camera caught two woman dropping off the melon at a Plaza Super Jet and employees called in to the jail after watching the video, according to the AP.

Picasso Painting Torn in Museum

A Picasso painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is being repaired after being torn by visitor on Jan. 22.

The museum said that the painting, "The Actor", received a 6-inch tear after a woman tripped and fell onto it.

The Associated Press said that the tear was made in the lower right-hand corner of the painting and does not effect the focal point of the piece.

Repair work, according to CNN, should be unobtrusive.

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