I don't want it to end!


Today was our last day at middle school. I've really had a great time hanging out with the students. I've probably been equally a help and a distraction! Sometimes I'd find myself talking to the students about topics completely unrelated to what they were supposed to be doing. For example, today I told one student how to make homemade pixie sticks, and soon everyone wanted to know how, and wanted to know more details! Oops!

Would it be unreasonable to make a goal of no worksheets in my future classroom? I know it is, but after being in many practicums, I've grown to really dislike them. No students like to complete them, and I feel like most students take very little away from them. The students who always get their assignments done, get them done, and the ones that usually don't complete their assignments, don't get them done. There is no intrinsic motivation involved, and usually these worksheets don't go in-depth into the material. Using worksheets seems to be the opposite of inquiry-based learning.

Overall, Mrs. K is a great teacher. Some of her activities I think could be modified to be more interesting and engaging, but I can't even describe how much she cares about her students and loves her job. She's an amazing teacher simply for that fact.

Sidenote- teachers get so much free food! Not only here, but also at my student teaching site, people are always bringing in food for each other. Today all of the support staff brought in food for the teachers. The buffet was amazing! Just another example of a great school community!


I think about my relationship with worksheets all the time, too! I'm with you that they are usually pretty boring and meaningless, but I think there are some select situations where they are helpful. I think math is a given and I also think science requires them, but I think they are overdone in language arts so lets boycott the packet! Well, it sounds like you had a wonderful experience with a pretty great teacher.

So I tended to get a little off topic with the students too, I think that is the nature of being the new adult in the room. We aren't actually teaching and the kids are excited to talk to us, it is a deadly combo. As long as the students still respected the fact that you are the adult, which I'm sure they did, I say no harm no foul. :) At least we know we can bond with them!

Yes. Worksheets are overdone in Language Arts! That said, having a HANDOUT to guide students' thinking and organize their thoughts (graphic organizer) is extremely helpful.

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