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The school that we have been placed at is warm and welcoming. All the teachers and support staff have been extremely friendly and helpful. They always ask us about how school is going, what are future plans are, etc. And we are always surprised at how nice the office staff is to us when we check in as visitors. Sometimes school secretaries are scary!

Not only at this school, but also at my student teaching site, I have noticed the amazing community of teachers that is formed. Teachers not only are co-workers, but they are also friends. During lunch breaks and prep times, they talk about their families and things that are going on in their lives. Some teachers even do things with each other out of school. I love this, and I hope that I teach at a school with a similar atmosphere because it's comforting to work with people you consider friends.

One thing I don't like about their school day is that they eat lunch at 10:20! That's so early! There's no way that most students are hungry for lunch then. If I was a student there, I would probably skip breakfast so that I would be hungry for lunch. But all studies have shown that breakfast is extremely important, especially for students. Furthermore, I can imagine that by the end of the day, the students are starving. It's hard to listen and concentrate on school if you are hungry. I understand that scheduling is difficult, but there has to be some way to have lunch at a more reasonable time.

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It is nice to hear that the staff is so friendly. I totally agree, I want to work in a school where the staff acts like more than just co-workers. I think that the warm atmosphere probably rubs off on the students too. IF the teachers act like they don't want to be there, the students will feed on that. IS the staff predominantly young or old, or is it a mix of generations?

Wow, that is a strange time to eat lunch. How early do they start? I guess I would be hungry if I got to school at 7am or so. In a situation like i think it would be good for teachers to have a stash of snacks for when students get hungry in the afternoon. I know that we shouldn't have to spend our own money on things like that but think about how hard it is to concentrate when you are hungry. If you notice some students losing focus, offer them a graham cracker or something to keep them going. A teacher in one of my first practicums did this with her kids.

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