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Middle school students are hilarious and insightful. I have really enjoyed being around them these past few days. I love to hear about their drama and see them "flirt" and interact with each other. And they are just as interested in our lives as we are in theirs. In one class, many students kept asking us about college, in particular college parties. They wanted to know if we had ever been to parties, if we had played Beer Pong, etc. I told one student that as soon as he finished his homework I would tell him all the juicy details and that was quite the motivation. As he walked up to the turn-in bin, he yelled out, "Katrina! Juicy details!" It made us all laugh.

During our teacher's prep time, we went to the computer lab to observe an 8th grade advanced English class. These students were working on a parts of speech project. Each group was in charge of one part of speech that they were going to have to teach to the class. They had to create a PowerPoint, a game, and a quiz. I was very impressed with what they were able to do with technology. Their PowerPoints were beautiful and engaging, and their Smartboard games were great! Seeing all their work made me feel old. A younger generation knows how to use technology better than me! I actually even asked one group to show me how they did something so I could use it in my next PowerPoint. I think this was a lesson to me- as teachers we need to keep up with our students. If this requires extra classes in the summer on technology, it is well worth it. We should at least be on their same level, or even better, be able to show them new things they can do.

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Hahaha, your students sound so cute. What grade is this again? I have also found that details in my life are good motivation for students to get something done, it is so funny! I didn't even think I was that interesting. I have also noticed that when my teacher does a vocab lesson, if she uses her own personal life in a sentence, the kids love it. For example, we were taking about the word "rendezvous" and she used it in a sentence by saying she had a rendezvous with the doctor later. As silly as it seems, just knowing it was about her real life made the students want to try to use it in a sentence with their own personal life. Whatever works!

I have been in your shoes when the students make me feel like an old lady with their technology skills. Where has time gone and when did we become the ones who need to take a class just to keep up with the technology that was only invented in our lifetime? I would have loved to watch this class, kids really do amaze you don't they. I think it probably made that students day that you asked him/her how to do something. I think that is always wonderful for kids to realize that this is not a one way street where we drive by with knowledge packages and drop them off. Students have valuable skills and knowledge and we can all learn from each other.

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