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Mrs. K is a great teacher. She truly cares about her students, enjoys being around them, and wants what is best for them. All of this is evident in the way she interacts with students and teaches her classes. One of the things I often think about is how I can have fun with my students, because being silly is a big part of my personality, without losing their respect. I'm afraid if I joke around with them, they see me as an authoritative figure. They will think I'm only there to have fun, although I truly am serious about learning as well. Well, I was glad to see it is possible. Mrs. K often jokes around with her students, and they have great respect for her. She has to do very little disciplining in the classroom, and she never raises her voice. As soon as she starts talking or stands in the front of the class, students quiet down and listen to her.

As I mentioned earlier Mrs. K has MS, but her classroom functions just the same as any other classroom. I am curious as to how Mrs. K introduces herself and her disease at the beginning of the year. I am guessing she was very open about what she has and the equipment she uses because her students are extremely comfortable around her. One student even raised his hand and asked what one part of her crutch was used for. And she shared with the class that she thought the inside of her handles would be a great place to store a snack. All of the students take on additional responsibilities in her classroom to help out. For example, students pass out papers and answer the class telephone if it rings. I know it sounds corny, but Mrs. K is really inspirational.

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Wow, that is so great to read about students helping their teacher. I think in this society, it would be easy for us to assume that students would give a teacher with a disability a hard time. We have been conditioned to think that there is one stereotypical adolescent when in reality, we can not put people in a box in that way. When given the opportunity, I think most adolescents would take on greater responsibilities in the name of helping someone, they just don't get asked that often.

I also worry about how to walk that fine line of being able to joke with my students and make sure they still respect me. I think it would be impossible not to joke with this age group, it is just figuring out what kind of joking is appropriate and when you have confused being their teacher with being their friend. I have been thinking about this a lot actually, and I have come to a few conclusions. I think it is always good to make it seem like you yourself enjoy learning. When students see you engrossed in a book or listen to you talk about something interesting you just read or learned, I think it encourages them to be knowledge seekers as well. Also, I think the joking is probably something that needs to be eased into as the year progresses. it seems like Mrs. K has built a good relationship with her students and that doesn't happen overnight. I am glad you have such a fantastic teacher to observe and inspire you, I'm sure you will be just like her. :)

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