December 12, 2006

Studying Sucks!

Why is it is hard for me to sit down and study!? I have finals coming up quickly and I can’t force myself to sit down and study ahead of time. I always push it off until the last minute. I wish I could be one of those people who studies a little bit every day. Then I wouldn’t have to cram at the last minute. I think my problem is dorm life. There seems to always be something else going on. I can go eat, or to the recreation center, or watch a movie, or anything! I also have people coming in and out of my room all the time. I should probably figure out some better study habits! Hopefully my grades won’t suffer too much from my bad study habits this semester. I will try to change something after Christmas. If anyone has any ideas, let me know!

Spanish as a second language

I think that it is very important that everyone learns a different language other than his or her own. Our country is so diversified that I think it is a necessity. I am taking Spanish right now, and I have been for over six years. I really hope that I will eventually be fluent in the language. I chose Spanish because it is probably one of the more prevalent languages next to English. Spanish classes can get hard and stressful, but I think I will benefit in the long run. I am hoping to get a job in the medical field, and I think having Spanish as a second language will be a good idea. It isn’t only learning their language; I also enjoy learning about their culture. It is so different from ours and I think this gives us a better perspective on our lives. Whether someone is taking Spanish, French, German, or Arabic, I think knowing a second language is a great thing!

December 11, 2006

New personal philosophy

I am working on my final draft for our personal philosophy paper, and I am having a hard time. I never really thought about how I am living my life. I mean, I know I have goals and standards, but I never go farther into it than that. In class today, Zack talked about how we should be talking more about ourselves and how we are living our lives, rather then how other people’s lives have influenced us. It is easy for me to tell a story and then say how it affected me, but to actually pick apart how I am living my life is hard. I can say that I want to live my life fully, but weather I am doing it or not is another story. This philosophy paper has really made me think about how my life is now and how I want it to be in the future.

Almost Christmas

The only thing that is on my mind right now is Christmas. I am so excited. This is by far the best time of year. It is fourteen days until Christmas day, but it isn’t just Christmas day that is exciting. Actually, my favorite is Christmas Eve. I have a huge family, so it is so much fun. The bad thing is that I still have finals to worry about. I am in the Christmas mode already, so it is really hard for me to study for finals. I know that I have to do well on them because they are worth a lot of my grade, but it is sooo hard. I would have to say that focusing in general is the hardest. I sit down to try and study, and I have so many other things running through my head. I just can’t wait until finals are over and we are on break.

December 3, 2006


I have lived my whole life in a community where there weren't many balck people. It also didn't help that I went to a Catholic school of two hundred kids. Everyone was white, and the closest we got to diversification was a Canadian. I never got the experience of being around people that were different then myself. Coming to the Twin Cities was very different for me. It is so diversified here, and it isn't that i feel uncomfortable, it is just not what i am use to. I like being put in this new environment, and i feel that I am adjusting really well! I actually want to have more friends that are different ethnicities then I am. I have never had a problem with black people or any other ethnicity, but like I said, I was never in those situations. Now that I have been, I can still say that I don't have any problems with them. I guess I just can't see why anyone would be uncomfortable around different races; we are all the same.

November 17, 2006

Thanksgiving....then hell

So I am really excited that it is almost thanksgiving! We only have a half of a week of school left and then we get to go home for a long weekend! YAY! I figured that i would just be able to enjoy myself and maybe relax, but i was wrong! I was also looking forward to spending a lot, a lot of time with my firends from home. All of these plans were wrecked when i realized that the week after Thanksgiving is going to be the week from hell. I know I complain about this a lot, but it IS really annoying! All of my tests and midterms are the week right when we come back from Thanksgivng. This means that i am going to have to do some major studying while I am at home. It is going to be really hard because there are going to be so many other things i could be doing, but i have to force myself to study! much for a great Thanksgiving break!!

November 15, 2006

Now they are 21

Watching the documentary of the kids that were now adults was really intersting to see! Although it was interesting, it wasn't as good as the first one. I think that the first one was the best! Children in general are more amusing to watch and they also make me laugh. The kids at the age of twenty-one were a lot more serious and knew more about what they wanted in life. Some of them changed a lot, and some of them were exactly the same as they were before. It was also weird to see if what they were doing was the same as what they thought they would be doing when they were seven. There were the children that had their whole futures planned out, and everything happened exactly like it was suppose to. I am not sure if this is because they lived in a different country or the fact that it took place many years ago, but that is not what happened in my childhood. I had no idea what college I was going to go to, or even if I was going to go at all. It was fun to see how all of the kids turned out, and i am excited to see the rest of the series!

November 14, 2006

Fast Food and the Youth

I don’t think it is fair that fast food restaurants target the youth. First of all, the youth isn’t at all concerned about their futures. It doesn’t bother them to know that they are eating foods that can hurt them in the future. For example, what kid thinks to themselves, “these French fries could clog my arteries and eventually lead to a heart attack?? I know when I was younger those kinds of things never even crossed my mind. The only thing I cared about was how the food tasted, and unfortunately most fast food is very tasty. Another huge problem is that fast food is easy and obviously fast, which makes it appealing to parents. If there is no time to cook dinner, then just run down to the McDonalds on the corner and pick up dinner. This doesn’t specifically target the youth, but the youth are involved in this situation. I really don’t think it is fair to target the youth because it is setting up America for disaster!

November 8, 2006


I don’t think it is exactly true that teachers get better with age. I believe that experience is important, but who is to say that a younger person doesn’t have as much experience as the older person. I think it all depends. I also believe that younger teachers are usually more energetic. From my experiences I have noticed that I have a lot more fun in classes where younger teachers are teaching. They also relate better to their students. This can be good and bad. If they relate too much, to the extent that they are trying to be the student’s friends, then the teacher will get no respect. On the other hand, if they simple relate to what we are going through as students, it will make then a lot better of a teacher. There are some cases where older teachers are better, but for the most part, I think that a younger teacher is better at their job.

November 7, 2006


So thanksgiving is coming up, and I am not really excited. I don’t really like this holiday. The one and only good thing about this holiday is that it means Christmas is coming fast! YAY! Sure, during thanksgiving you get together with all of your family, but it is so boring. There is really nothing interesting going on. All we do is eat all day. Don’t you ever feel guilty after? I mean there are so many people starving to death and we are sitting there stuffing ourselves till we feel sick. Thinking about that makes me sick. Also, none of the food is really good. I don’t like turkey, stuffing or mashed potatoes. Oh, and I HATE squash! EWWW! The one good food is homemade buns. Basically, I have a plate with like three buns and sometimes cheesy potatoes. Then comes desert, which isn’t any better then the meal. Pumpkin pie is so gross. I usually eat apple pie, but that isn’t my favorite either. I guess it is pretty clear why I don’t really like thanksgiving. I think the holiday is for a good reason, but American’s over do it!

Seven and Up

I really enjoyed watching the movie “Seven and up.? It was really interesting to see how all of the children changed. It probably wasn’t as funny as the first one, but it was still good. You could tell that the kids matured a bit and therefore they didn’t say as many funny things. They all live a very different lifestyle from the people in the United States, so it was also neat to see that. I think it would be exciting to see the same kind of film with children a little more like us. I was also shocked at the difference of how some of the children thought when they were little and how they thought in this film. Some of the children’s views changed, but some were still very much the same. For example, the girl that had never met a black person and said she never wanted to. I figured that by the age of fourteen she would have met a black person and maybe been more open minded, but that wasn’t the case at all. Like I said, I am really finding this series of film very fascinating, and I can’t wait to see the next one!

November 5, 2006


I really don’t know what to blog about, but I am eating Reese’s candy, so I will write about that. I mean, who doesn’t like Reese’s? They are definitely the best candy there is. The one and only bad thing about them is that they will make you fat. I think that this fact is the only thing that keeps everyone from devouring millions of these amazing candies. The best thing about Reese’s is that there is so much peanut butter. It isn’t like other candy bars that have like five different things in them. Plus, there is so much more peanut butter then chocolate, which is good. Honestly, I would live off of Reese’s if it were possible. Sadly, there is no nutrition in Reese’s either. Why do all of the bad foods taste the best? It makes me so mad. Well, now that I just wrote a completely pointless blog about candy, I am going to try to get other homework done. All I have to say, is candy makes everything better, especially Reese’s!

October 30, 2006

About Diane's Blog

Diane's story about work was really interesting. It wasn't the kind of work that you do because you have to. She went out of her way to help people out, and she didn't get paid for it. Wow. It sounded like really hard work, especially with the heat. I give her mad props for doing that. I can kind of relate to what she did because i went on a service trip too. I went to South Carolinia, and we fix people's house who couldn't afford it. It was one of the best experiences of my life. It felt really good to help other people out and know that you can positively effect someone else's life. Diane's story was a little different because she went out of the country and she actually bulit entire buildings from nothing. This is something that i think every person should try to do. It is really eye opening and it helps us be aware of the world around us. We are all so fortunate compared to a lot of people, so we should have a problem with help those people. I knew that i was really interested in going on another service trip, and after reading Diane's blog, it just makes me even more interested.


When I think about work, this past summer is the first thing that comes to my mind. I worked in a mill so that I could make money for college. When most people think of working in a mill, they think of it as being gruesome and not very fun. I actually had an awesome time this summer. It was a really different experience then I am use to, but I got used to it fast. I was basically a helper. All I would have to do is help the operators get their machines up and running. When the machines were all running, I would have to help with roll changes and then take the rolls away with a tow motor. The tow motor was the best part. It was so much fun to drive. Instead of it haing front wheel steering like cars, it has back wheel steer, which makes it feel like you are driving a go-kart. Also, when the machines broke down I had to help the operator fix them. It was a messy, but fun job. The group of guys that i worked with were realy crazy, but I had a really good time with them. They called me pebbles and they liked to play jokes on me. I got to make a lot of money this summer, adn I had fun doing it!

October 29, 2006

Just Live

Live in the present, not the past. I think that everyone should live by these words. It is very important that we don’t dwell on the past; doing this will only negatively effect the present and the future. What happens in the past is unchangeable, so it isn’t worth getting all worked up over. I don’t think that anyone should live in the past, but I do think that we have to learn from the past. I don’t take this as living in the past, just being aware of it. If we are simply aware of what we have done in the past, then our present and futures will be brighter. I think that not living in the past goes along with not living in the future. We need to just focus on what is happening now, if we think about the future, we won’t experience the beauty of the present. Again, we need to make sure what we are doing in the present is going to help our future, but we don’t need to dwell on the future either. Basically, live life to it’s fullest and enjoy each day, just remember, your actions have consequences and we must learn from these consequences.