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Just Live

Live in the present, not the past. I think that everyone should live by these words. It is very important that we don’t dwell on the past; doing this will only negatively effect the present and the future. What happens in the past is unchangeable, so it isn’t worth getting all worked up over. I don’t think that anyone should live in the past, but I do think that we have to learn from the past. I don’t take this as living in the past, just being aware of it. If we are simply aware of what we have done in the past, then our present and futures will be brighter. I think that not living in the past goes along with not living in the future. We need to just focus on what is happening now, if we think about the future, we won’t experience the beauty of the present. Again, we need to make sure what we are doing in the present is going to help our future, but we don’t need to dwell on the future either. Basically, live life to it’s fullest and enjoy each day, just remember, your actions have consequences and we must learn from these consequences.