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Fast Food and the Youth

I don’t think it is fair that fast food restaurants target the youth. First of all, the youth isn’t at all concerned about their futures. It doesn’t bother them to know that they are eating foods that can hurt them in the future. For example, what kid thinks to themselves, “these French fries could clog my arteries and eventually lead to a heart attack?? I know when I was younger those kinds of things never even crossed my mind. The only thing I cared about was how the food tasted, and unfortunately most fast food is very tasty. Another huge problem is that fast food is easy and obviously fast, which makes it appealing to parents. If there is no time to cook dinner, then just run down to the McDonalds on the corner and pick up dinner. This doesn’t specifically target the youth, but the youth are involved in this situation. I really don’t think it is fair to target the youth because it is setting up America for disaster!


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