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So thanksgiving is coming up, and I am not really excited. I don’t really like this holiday. The one and only good thing about this holiday is that it means Christmas is coming fast! YAY! Sure, during thanksgiving you get together with all of your family, but it is so boring. There is really nothing interesting going on. All we do is eat all day. Don’t you ever feel guilty after? I mean there are so many people starving to death and we are sitting there stuffing ourselves till we feel sick. Thinking about that makes me sick. Also, none of the food is really good. I don’t like turkey, stuffing or mashed potatoes. Oh, and I HATE squash! EWWW! The one good food is homemade buns. Basically, I have a plate with like three buns and sometimes cheesy potatoes. Then comes desert, which isn’t any better then the meal. Pumpkin pie is so gross. I usually eat apple pie, but that isn’t my favorite either. I guess it is pretty clear why I don’t really like thanksgiving. I think the holiday is for a good reason, but American’s over do it!