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Jour 4551

The digital divide has been called one of America’s leading economic and civil rights issues. There are many controversial issues pertaining to the internet today, but in my opinion, the digital divide is one of the most critical issues that we should strive to resolve. Because newspapers, education, work and many other aspects of our everyday lives are moving strictly to online resources, it is important for everyone to have the resources and knowledge of the internet that they need in order to access all the information necessary.

The divide is linked to income, race geography and education. Single parents, rural residents, Native Americans, Latinos and African-Americans are all groups that fall behind in computer ownership and Internet access. Through watching the Google tech talk on YouTube, which is linked below, I learned that wealthy Americans are 20% more likely to have Internet access than the poor. African-American and Latino households are one-third as likely to have home Internet access as Asian households, and two-fifths as likely as white households, the college educated are 16 times more likely to have home Internet access than the least educated, but in rural areas they are 26 more times likely to have home Internet access than those with an elementary education.

There are numerous reasons for this digital divide, which we discussed in class on Wednesday. In my opinion, the issues with satellites are the most important issue for us to resolve in order to provide access to the internet for anyone who wants it. After viewing all the possible solutions that we have come up with, not many of them seem like they will be successful. It is somewhat unrealistic for everyone to have internet at their fingertips at all times. If we gain better satellites at least people will have available connections. This Google talk on YouTube addresses interesting facts and possible solutions for this critical issues.