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I tend to consume more hegemonic media. The ways I use media is mostly through television. The shows I watch definitely lean towards hegemony. One of my favorite shows in particular that I think is hegemonic is Criminal Minds. As Lull stated, "Hegemony is the power or dominance that one social group holds over others," and I believe Criminal Minds shows that definition. The show speaks that if you commit a crime, you will be caught. Also, the show's main characters mostly consist of dominant men. One of my favorite movies, "The Blindside" I believe is also hegemonic. That movie deals a lot with social class and what people truly do think about today's society.

An ideology that I see being perpetuated in the media I consume is that women are damsels in distress. Another ideology I see being perpetuated is the American Dream. Most of the movies I watch tend to have goal-oriented people who try to gain what the United State's Society claims appropriate. Society tends to force certain thoughts upon us and although people say money is not everything, in many aspects it is. In the Blindside, the upper class family does not have many issues at all and it shows them being content. These values are always coming towards us and it makes many people thirsty to succeed in their lives. As much as people would like to say that the media has no effect on them, I truly think that it is hard to break away from the constant "expectations" or the norm. Is the "norm" really what everyone thinks it is, or all we all just nodding our heads because "it sounds right" or "that's what people say is right, so it must be"? I think today's society tends to lack in allowing individuals to formulate opinions in some areas because in many ways it is already done for us.

My style of music is also hegemonic and very safe. I typically listen to acoustic music like Ray LaMontagne , Jack Johnson, or Amos Lee. They usually stay within boundaries that do not make people jump to their feet with head-turner reactions. Their songs are simple and light such as Jack Johnson's, "Better Together".

Although I typically stay on the safe side with all types of media, sometimes I do listen to rap and I think that is an example of counterhegemonic media. Certain rappers tend to push the envelope on what they think about society. A certain song I remember that caused a lot of controversy was Brother Ali's, "Uncle Sam Goddamn". Brother Ali does not sugarcoat any of his thoughts and he's not afraid to push his them onto others.

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I really like what you said about media formulating opinions for us-- I think that is the basis of hegemony. To embed ideologies so deeply that we make our daily decisions based off of what makes money for the power dominant group in society (government, big corporation).
I also agree that music can be very counter-hegemonic in it's content. I also listen to Jack Johnson and Amos Lee-- and actually I feel that a lot of their music is counter-hegemonic.. like JJ's song "News" and "Good People" or Amos Lee's "Soul Suckers". Both illustrate the darker side of media.

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