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In Illyka Damen's piece Feminism, the Mainstream Media, and Pop Culture, she is trying to expose the tendency and blindness of labeling feminism incorrectly. She argues that even though feminists in the 60's and 70's "pressed for sexual liberation" it is not mutually exclusive or a direct causation of the self-objectification some women choose today.
She uses the examples of actresses and media icons such as Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears as more of a catalyst for young girls to dress scantily than it being a direct result of feminists, say, burning their bras.
Damen also uses the example of the show "Charlie's Angels" and that feminists were outraged, not supportive of, the exploitation of women in it.
She makes it very clear throughout her writing that pop culture and mass media today are not children of the feminist movement... Rather, they are far more complex; placing blame on the fight for women's equality for the "raunch culture" we see, is ignorant.
She also mentions several times opinions of conservatives. An irony that I thought was quite perfect for her argument, was about girls boycotting a shirt that said "who needs brains when you have these?"and that those girls were "sneered at" by conservative and libertarian men... Whom are apart of the patriarical habit of objectifying women.
I think that Damen's arguments were very to-the-point and valid. I find her research/opinions convincing because in small ways she displays the complexity of the overt sexualization in the media today. If she had included even more examples of what early feminists goals were, it would disambiguate the connection of pop culture to feminism even further.


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I also think it's interesting how feminism is being blamed for the new raunch culture. Then when women are against something sexist, such as the "who needs brains" shirt, people try to convince them to stop protesting, because this is what feminists fought for all along.

or we are told to stop whining and complaining about everything. the dominant class does some good, subtle jobs at trying to shut women and feminists up (I have been victim to this too many times).

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