Men of Color Tough Guise

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Why do men of color try to uphold the tough guise performance?
This question really stuck out to me because in my opinion, out of all races I feel the tough guise influences men of color the most. Even though technically white people are a minority in America, they are still considered the dominate culture. Because of this, men of color feel a certain need to use a hyper masculine attitude in order to gain respect and create a sense of fear with the dominate/ white culture. There was a clip in the Tough Guise film from a film with two Native American men on a bus. One of the men said to the other "You gotta look mean or people won't respect you. White people will run all over you." This quote really exemplifies the fact that men of color know that they are not the dominate culture in American society, so in order to obtain some sense of control they feel they need to put on a mean and aggressive fa├žade. A lot of this hyper masculinity from men of color also comes from a mechanism of survival. I think it stems from the biology of men and survival of the fittest. For thousands of years it has always been the strongest and most dominant males stay alive the longest, get the most food, and mate the most. It is still somewhat true today that the males who are the most fit and most aggressive get the most ahead in life. White men do this but it can be said that men of color feel they have to show their strength more because they know they are the inferior culture in American society and also many men of color come from a working class background which means they do not have as many opportunities in getting a good education and finding a decent career. Because of this, as Katz states it becomes much more about using their bodies as a threatening device to gain respect among others. Since many men of color think that there is no hope for them to move beyond their lower class status, many will use their hyper masculinity to their advantage by crafting use of it to gain respect and status in their own culture. Because of this, these tough guise images among people of color have become mainstream and now carry a sense of glamour and idealization of what a real man should be and act like. Now even men who do not live in an urban setting are trying to emulate this urban style hyper violent male persona. This is not the right kind of thing we want our young men of society to try and be like. If we want to make a shift the media needs to create more positive male role models of color. The more positive male role models of color we see in the media, the more our perception will change and hopefully will not be so centered on the negative stereotypes we see in today's mass media.

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