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I decided to write my section 2 paper on hyper masculinity within the African American community. Specifically hyper masculinity within major rap stars and how these images of them portrayed in the media affect our perceptions of how African American men really are. I chose this topic because in my mind it is a very complex issue. There are many different theories as to why there is so much hyper masculinity in the African American community and I thought it would be a fun topic to critique and analyze. I do listen to some rap music for pleasure so I was already familiar with the culture. Also adding to that; I grew up in an upper class suburb that is predominately white so ever since junior high age I have found the African American "ghetto" culture to be quite fascinating because it is way out of my everyday normal life surroundings. I wanted to focus on how African American men who are hyper masculine portray themselves so I chose to cite David Katz since he talked a lot about the "tough guise" front they put on. The way I found my outside sources was just by typing in a topic to Google and looking for the most credible or reputable source. There were a few great sources I used when talking about counter hegemonic rap artists but other than that most of the information in my paper stemmed from my own ideas and thoughts. The main challenges I had when writing this paper was trying to organize it all. There was so much I wanted to talk about but I had trouble putting it all together cohesively. Because of this I felt like I may have left out some key points or issues. Something I would change about the paper is probably just spending more time on it so that I am for sure able to get all of my thoughts on paper the same way it's processed in my mind. I can have a great idea in my head but sometimes it is hard for me to translate it onto paper. A piece of advice I would give someone that is writing this kind of paper for the first time is to start early so that you have time to process all of your thoughts and ideas. These kinds of papers require a lot of thought and planning. Once you do that it's a lot easier to write a successful paper.

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