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Question:The issues this articles raises include, why would a company invest its resources, time, and money, to someone less qualified to look good on paper? Another, why would a supervisor end up offering a job to both? You'd be restructuring just to settle because feelings might be hurt. I feel as though I don't necessarily agree with that. If you want the business to excel and be the most successful, you would hire the most qualified candidate right? The decision shouldn't have to weigh so heavily on race, gender, or any other non-traditional person should it? "Postdiscrimination" anybody?

Answer: I definitely agree with the issue that people should not be hired to a company based on their race, gender, social status, or sexual orientation. People should be hired based on their qualifications for the job and their character. Unfortunately, some employers do not know how to look past some of these issues and judge someone's qualifications for the job based on something completely irrelevant like a person's name or their accent. It is ridiculous to think you can judge a person's intelligence from something like a name or the way they speak. On the other hand, I do believe that many employers do hire a minority to meet a special quota. I don't think a business would put their company in such jeopardy that they would hire a minority with no qualifications, but I do think that sometimes if there is a white person and a minority with practically the same qualifications and experience for the job that the minority would be the one hired. I wish that there was some way companies could do a blind interview so that there would be less discrimination when hiring potential employees. Unfortunately I don't think there is going to be any sort of revelation on this issue anytime soon. People will, and always will have their preconceived notions about certain types of people and we judge on a daily basis without even knowing it. The only thing we can do is try to become more aware of when we are judging for nonsensical reasons and judge someone based on their character and not their gender or skin color.


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I agree with you when it comes getting rid of the discrimination issue. I think there will always be someone who would take something in a wrong way or a misunderstanding so discrimination will always happen.

I agree with you, but I also think that nothing will ever change until there is a way for us to use a blind or no personal information used for interviews except for the information needed to get the job. I think that its just natural for people to use looks and judge the other person because its your first visual that you receive and its just human it look at someone and think something. After that first visual though people need to be able to put the looks aside and really understand the other person. There are a lot of wishes when it comes to this, but how it will ever change is unknown.

I agree with kocou017. It seems like there is always one person who will play the discrimination card to get what they want. I don't feel like it's an issue that will ever go away. We all need to work together as a society to try and understand one another better. It's all about communication and trying to reach a common goal.

I wanted to comment on the argument many of us were making in class, and one that Amber repeats here: that companies may and do hire minorities to fill a quota. While that may be true, it must be such a small percentage of hires. Otherwise, wouldn't the makeup of CEOs, media producers, editors, professors (etc. etc.) look a lot different? For example, why are all the presidents of this university white men? Just food for thought. Thanks for the post, Amber.

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