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I did my second paper on the portrayal of manliness in the UFC. My roommate is super in to it and one day I was watching the pre fight interviews between two fighters with my roommate. Thats how I got the idea to do the paper. The same week there was some big UFC fight night extravaganza that my roommate NEEDED to watch. So I sat done with him and did my research. I watched what these dudes had to say to each other, directly and indirectly, and it fit absolutely perfectly with the beginning statements of Jacson Katz's movie as well as his article that we had to read. The fun part about my research (drinking beer and watching people fight) was that I was initially just waiting for the fighters being interviewed to immaturely name call the other dude. That did in fact happen and it was then that I realized that they were making a very general statement about that person as it pertains to them even outside of the UFC. But not only did they degrade the other fighters personality, but they also attacked their skills as a fighter and that strictly pertains to their manliness within the UFC. So to clarify, it was interesting that they felt the need to put them down in respect to their life outside the UFC and within the UFC. So apparently, to a UFC fighter, another fighter really has nothing going for them. It was also fun to watch the one doing the most shit talking lose.
The next thing I did was watch a ton of pre fight interviews on you tube. Nearly every single interview I watched contained some sort of over the top and unnecessary trash talk that almost directly pertained to the other fighters manliness both inside and outside the UFC. It was actually really funny to watch grown men do this but it was also funny how much the content of the pre fight interviews dealt directly with Katz's arguments.


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That is really cool Danny. I love UFC and watch many of their Pay Per Views! I bet researching was a lot of fun for you. I agree though that it's completely unnecessary with some of the comments the fighters make pre-fight. They should give a certain level of respect to the fighter they are about to face. We usually don't hear a NFL coach talk crap about the opposing coach or players before a football game. But, it's also funny how after the fight they usually come together in the Octagon and hug or shake hands. It’s like dude you were just saying this guy is worthless regardless of if he won or not. They always give respect to each other after the fight is over. I think it would be more “manly” if they gave respect to each other before and after the fight. It almost shows that they are kind of scared to call the other guy worthless to his face.

Part of the fun is drinking and watching UFC events.

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