Feminism and Sex and the City

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I wrote my section two paper on the representations of feminism in the show Sex and The City. I brought up three examples of how the characters' lives and personalities reflect feminist thought. I chose Sex and The City because it is a favorite show of mine because the women in it are strong, sexually uninhibited, and because I think it is very different from a lot of media representations of women (i.e. Desperate Housewives). I re-read the course readings on feminism/antifeminism etc., and mostly used them as a way to frame my thoughts in my paper... I tried to look at my argument from the different authors' point of view. I chose another outside source as a reference to help me frame my thoughts--it was a book on feminism and what third-wave-feminism is. I found it by wiki-ing "third wave feminism" and looking at their works cited. I have found that way of finding outside sources works really well. If I had to change something about the paper it probably would have been to spend more time on it--it is hard to make concrete arguments in 3-4 pages because you I am always looking for ways to make my sentences more concise yet still get the point across. I felt like too as I wrote, that even though I've read quite a bit about the topic of feminism in this class and others--I still cannot grip all of it. It feels like a slippery topic with so many avenues of thought--making it hard to pick just one.
Not that I'm advocating longer papers ;)
My advice for someone writing a paper like this would be to re-read class readings on the subject, watch an episode or two and let it ruminate in the mind for a day, then get to writing. I tend to do papers all in one day and it takes a ton of time because I think as I go. Making an outline is always a good idea too and helps with making stronger arguments because the bones are all there - filling in the details with thoughts and examples is the easy part.


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I think its really interesting that you did your paper on sex and the city. I also am a big fan of that show and I think it often showcases feminist thoughts. I agree with you that it is hard to make an argument in so few pages. I think that when writing these papers its important to not focus on to much so we only need 3-4 pages. I also really like your advice about spending more time on these papers. I think that next time I write my paper I will start earlier as well.

I agree that when we are focusing on a topic for our papers, it is a good idea to re-read the matieral. It will give you a better understanding and possibly new ideas you can bring into the paper. When I re-read our readings I take notes. I found that to be extremely helpful because you have the main points in front of you and you don't have to re-scan the material.

Sex and the city would be a very interesting show to analyze especially with the feminism and antifeminism represented with these women. I think your tip about rereading the readings from class, and also spending more time on the paper. I at times catch myself procrastinating and don't think I put as much effort in.

I definitely agree with you that it is hard to conduct a good argument in such a short paper but at the same time think it's good that we are given a guideline to stick to and the advice to just keep writing a good thesis/argument will come to mind. I also found that even though I did a lot of research on my topic and media area, I still don't think that I completely understood all of the avenues and implications of that particular topic. I would give the same advice to others to reread course readings and really try to focus on one specific area of interest.

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