Using the term "rape" to describe something that is not rape

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One thing we did not talk about in class is when people use the word rape to describe something that is not rape. "Ohhhh, the bank raped me with all their fees!"

Just ran into a blog post about Johnny Depp using the word "rape" to describe photo shoots:

What do you think? Does using this word inaccurately diminish the word's actual meaning? Is it no big deal? Maybe just a bit immature, akin to "that's so gay!"? What if you used the word around someone who was sexually assaulted?

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I’m totally against using these types of words to describe or exaggerate something. People who use the word rape out of context most likely do not know anyone who has been a victim of sexual violence. I happen to have a very close friend who has been raped. Sometimes when I am with my friend and someone uses the word rape to describe something that happened i.e. “Jake raped me in basketball today.”it is very uncomfortable for her and me because no one else has any idea what happened to her. It’s not something she shares with just anybody so she never says anything to the person. People that haven’t been victims or don’t know any victims of sexual violence have a very different meaning of the word, but we need to start being more aware of the words we use because it’s likely it will offend someone.

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