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The documentary "Killing Us Softly" was a real eye opener to the realities of advertisements true intentions in the mass media. I definitely believe that the advancements in technology over the years has changed our perception of what beauty means to us. 50 years ago we did not have the tools to alter women's bodies. The only means of change we could make to the ads were what clothes the model was wearing and how they's look on her. Now we can change everything about a women right down to her eye shape or length of her neck I agree with the video in that it is absolutely ridiculous to do this. It's setting a completely impossible standard for women to live up to. What's the point of doing this when only 5% of women actually look like this? I think I speak for most in saying that women want to see other women that look like them, not women that aren't even real. It's the same problem with men in ads. The majority of men shown in ads are super buff and just "perfect". This also holds men at a very high standard that most can't reach. I think these ads affect men more than we think. It's just not something our society really talks about because of the stigma attached to it. I wish Killbourne would have spent more time talking about men in ads; I felt like she kind of just glazed over them. I thought it was good how Killbourne did bring up a few positive changes to the industry. For example the German magazine showing only real women and not models. I think Europe is usually ahead of us when it comes to fashion so hopefully in the near future we will be seeing changes like this in the U.S.

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When you were talking about fashion, it made me think how in different cultures might value fashion more than other countries. I know that over here, I can dress up with a big sweater and sweatpants without getting heavily judged at and it doesn't matter if I walk around. But if I did that in Asia, most likely they would think I'm poor and look down at me. Do you think advertisements could also affect with fashion as badly as appearances?

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