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For my final paper I am writing it on option two. I will be focusing on a great organization called About-Face. It's an organization based out of California that "promotes positive self-esteem in girls of all ages, sizes, races and backgrounds through a spirited approach to media education, outreach and activism." I plan on doing extensive research on the organization to find out what exactly they do to help stop the hegemonic actions U.S. media promotes towards young women. I will also focus on what they have accomplished as an organization. I will also be looking at course readings to help support my argument of why we need this organization in our society. I chose this specific group because I think advertising towards young women is a huge problem in our society in that it gives women a false perception of beauty at a young age. I would love to learn more about an organization like this that is trying to change all of that for the better. Before this class I never really thought about this topic as a big issue, but after all that I've read and all of our discussions we have had, I've learned of what a huge issue it is in our society. Being an American women I feel somewhat victim to all of this and if there is something I can do to help regress this I feel responsible to do so. As of now I don't really have any questions or concerns but I'm sure I will once I start writing the paper. I'm just excited to start learning about a really cool and vital organization!


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That sounds like a great topic. Girls these days need more positive influences around them.Its sad to see kids growing up thinking they need to be a certain person in order to be happy. We need more organizations to show them, it's ok to be themselves.

What a cool topic!! I couldn't agree with you more. Girls are so persuaded by what they see on the advertisements that surround them everyday. It's overwhelming to be a girl! I think an organization that is like this is sooo important especially because the girl is becoming more sexualized. Awesome topic!

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