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For my final paper, I am choosing to do option 2. I am going to focus on the Parent Television Council (PTC) and specifically look at the messages and how sex, violence, language and behavior are used in two separate movies: The Simpsons Movie and Toy Story 3. First, my major is child psychology so I am interested in how media is portrayed by children and what organizations exist to help them understand and help monitor what is approved for children. I chose The Simpsons Movie because as a child my parents did not allow me or my brothers to watch the Simpsons so I know very little about the television show and am going to find it interesting to research why it is that my parents, along with others, would not want their children viewing the show. Toy Story 3 was choosen because the Toy Story movies are some of my favorites but also because I know that there is some humor in the movies that is aimed at the adult audience.

The only concerns I have for the final paper is finding specific information regarding the PTC's views on each of the media texts I have chosen. Otherwise, I think that it will be important for me to know each of the texts well so I will enjoy watching the Simpsons Movie for the first time to better understand what the reviews are about.

I am looking forward to seeing how media is handled when it comes to children's viewing because I have focused much of my major on children and their development. It will be very interesting to see what the PTC organization thinks media does to children, their development, and the influence it has on who they are and become.


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Awesome topic!! I think researching the effects of media on child development is very vital because of how pertinent media is in our lives. Especially media that is meant to entertain because we CHOOSE to include that media in our daily activities.
I do not know much about PTC, but it would be interesting to know if they are non-profit and/or who they are funded by...

This sounds like a really interesting topic. I love that you chose to analyze Toy Story because I feel like it's one of the largest series of children's movies to "hide" adult humor in their movies. It would be interesting to know how exactly these types of movies effect children and their development. And if they're more negative or positive.

I love this idea. Not only can you gather fantastic information from what we have discovered in class, but you can make a great argument over an important topic in regards to what is happening right now. I would be very interested in reading your paper.

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