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Sorry this is late!!!!!!

1. What option you chose

I am choosing Option 2: Media organization analysis

2. What specific texts and/or organization you are focusing on

I am focusing on the website/organization called It is an organization that provides awareness about media and women's issues--with focus on body/self esteem issues, and perpetuated images in advertising/pop culture/mass media about/aimed at women & its' affects on them. The website makes it easy to respond to and write letters to and about advertisements women feel strongly about. For example--it makes it easy to find out who to write to about an ad you find sexist or extremely inappropriate to be in public--and often the companies reply and will remove the ad or message. It's a very effective way of changing what media is given agency.
I am writing about certain magazine and internet ads and other types of media that is forced on us can be changed and appeal more to us instead of offend/cause negative reactions.

3. Why you chose your texts, etc. (personal interest, interest from class, etc.)

I am choosing this option and these media texts because I think it's a big issue in media and advertising and needs to stop. Consumers should be the ones telling ad companies what we want to see, not vice versa. Killing Us Softly really hit home for me because I think of my little sister and nephews and how absolutely perfect they are but will grow to question themselves and base their beliefs about themselves via the media they absorb--it is apart of our environment and therefore we are responsible for making it positive and empowering.

4. What questions and concerns you have for the final paper (struggling with theory, application, confidence in your text choices, etc.)

My concerns are the basics: time management, giving proper length to each part of the paper, and just assuring that my application of course material is correct & placed appropriately. (I hope to not 'miss the point')


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That's an interesting analysis you've selected to explore.I almost went in that direction after seeing an ad on one of the Media reform organizations,Media Watch posted on their website.The ad is totally insane and invading.It shows a tall man standing and looking directly into the opened legs of a woman.The man's finger is pointing and seemingly bringing down the woman's panty.The reform organization is totally against such ads and have been hosting education workshops and reform-related conferences aimed at banning such ads.You have tons of in class discussions material at your disposal when dealing with ads.Be careful though when integrating the body image aspect into your analysis with the idea of choice and liberty on the part of some women and girls who may be against such reforms for fears that implementing such into policies would render them jobless.

This seems very focused, Rachel. Looking forward to your paper.

I think if you talk to people and use the class discussion, you could get more opinions and questions to work on for you paper. I think it would be something fun to work on.

Hello sounds like an amazing website. Is there a certain amount of letters of opposition a certain ad needs to get before it is taken down?
I agree that the Killing Us Softly video really got on a personal level with me. I have a lot of young nieces and it makes me disgusted at how many sexual ads they are exposed to everyday. I would hate for them to ever lose their innocence because of the messages in the media.

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