Killing Us Softly

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Killing Us Softly Blog Response
The documentary we watched on Thursday "Killing Us Softly" brought up several important arguments about women's portrayal in advertising. For me personally the most interesting part of this documentary was where she uncovers the advertisings industries photoshop and air brushing secrets. I think that the expose of how advertisers and magazines slim down women and enhance their features proves that the images of women in the media are not realistic. Yet it is incredibly unfortunate that this practice is kept a secret. When I go to pick up a magazine I see a celebrity or a model and I assume that what I'm seeing is real. Yet watching this video I learned that what I'm seeing is actually fake, it is just an illusion of beauty that the ad industry has created. I found it especially shocking to learn that some of these images are made of many different images of different women. The ability for the industry to create super women using computers also creates an unrealistic sense of beauty which is unattainable to the average woman like myself. I think that the idea she mentioned that a European country was going to print on all ads that had been airbrushed that they were edited in this way is a good idea. This will educate women that this image is unrealistic, however I think a better approach would be just to show real women who are beautiful in magazines. However from an economic point of view there is no way that advertisers would want to do this. I think advertisers have created this image to sell products the unatainibility of this image of beauty creates an insatiable need to consume. So if advertisers were to stop this practice they would lose money because their ads would be less effective. So I thinki t is important that scholars and media analyzers like the producers of this documentary work with the advertising image to create a more realistic yet still profitable version of beauty that advertisers could sell. I think one example that could be used are the dove campaigns there were noted in this documentary, dove has showed that real beauty can be marketable we should push other marketers to use this same ideal of beauty.
I also really enjoyed the points the video made about male bodies in ads today too. I think so often in discussions of advertising we focus only on females so it was interesting to learn about males in advertising. I think it was especially interesting to see the contrast in the way males and females are posed in advertisements. Females are posed in positions which leave them looking vulnerable but males are posed in stances which exude power and masculinity. I think the reason for the differences in posing of models is that this is a reflection of our patriarchal society. By posing the models in this way ad agencies are concreting patriarchal ideas by constantly bombarding us with images of males dominating females.


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I agree with you on the images of female and males in advertising. However, it is so embedded in us to consume these images without a question. I don't even know what poses a man would be in other than the typical masculine pose or on a couch in front of a TV.
It's very shocking to know that some ads create a completely fake person with different parts of other people. Mass media is so powerful that it's so hard to break this cycle.

i think you have a great point about how the images you see you think are real but how they have been photo shoped but i also think just as you need to be vigilante about what you consume in the media you also need to reallise many of the images are real also and that it is really easy to misunderstand and think all the images are altered

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