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I have seen this video over the years since i was in high school and it never gets old. The video definitely shows how women are treated in todays society and how bad the images are sending. We have ads out there where women are only there because they have big breasts and a nice ass. They make you know this because they cut her head off and only show those provocative body parts. We have clothes ads where they show women being attacked by men in rape and battery situations and we think that is advertisement. i personally would not like my brand associated with anything that has to do with harming women. Even the slogans are that suggestive that they do not even have to have a subliminal hiding to it. Ads like the BK sandwich where it shows a sandwich going into her mouth like a porno ad and the slogan reads, it will BLOW your mind... with the emphasis on blow. Things like he loved you after you started wearing these clothes and he didn't think you were a nice girl before you bought these diamonds. Ads like these is what makes women think loess of themselves in my opinion. Women deserve to be treated with the ut most respect no matter what and we have ads out there claiming women are only worth it if they are attractive and making sure men are happy. That is a crock in my opinion. The one thing that i have a problem is Kilbourne as well. I feel like she is the kind of feminist that will never quit even if it ever becomes "fair". I feel like even if the perfect ad was out there she would claim something wrong with it. Anyway, I believe women should not have to change themselves so they can look like the ads on the television because according to the video, half those girls don't even look like that. Ads can be very misleading and very seductive and it is a deadly combination to say the least.


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I have also seen clips and segments of quite a few of the "Killing Us Softly" videos since I started college. It's hard to tell what exactly I think about Kilbourne because I do agree with many things she aruges, however I think sometimes she takes things too far and overly tries to find the misogynistic message in everything. I do think ads like the Burger King "it will blow your mind" ad has every right to be torn apart. BK took a BURGER and made it a sexual reference. I overall agree with you Rubbe025, there are a lot of ads out there that are extremely discriminating to women and media has became more and more sexualized. I feel this has a lot to do with our desensitization to ads, media producers are constantly trying to get our attention so the bar is being raised constantly, when will it ever stop?

I think it's good that Kilbourne keeps fighting to expose advertising in this way, and create awareness around the issue. She may have a tendency to under-represent men in her arguments but I do not believe that this type of advertising and exploitation of women (or men) is coming to an end any time soon. Unfortunately I think it's going to get a lot worse before it gets any better, and Kilbourne is trying to make people like us-- the kids going into the work force soon-- informed and ready to take a stand on issues such as these- regardless of what that stand is.

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