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As the blog illustrated how the newspaper is a "dying" medium I could not help to think of Paul Star's comment on how this development now further allows corruption. It does help to have several mediums delivering messages of importance to us such as corruption. However, do we have a continued need though for the newspaper medium?

In my opinion the most alarming part about this idea that the newspaper is dying is that state coverage which was once the newspapers domain is becoming obsolete. As newspapers continue to decrease the amount of reporters they have in state houses how will we learn about state matters and who will be the state watch dog? While tv networks also cover state news they often sensationalize the issues, who will bring us unbiased coverage on these matters if the newspapers stop?

To me it's no surprise that the newspaper is declining. With how big the internet has gotten over the past decade it's no wonder. There are many studies of how the internet is changing the way we consume information; we can't pay attention to long articles like there are in the newspaper. Also people just don't have the time too read them anymore. We want short articles that get straight to the point and leave out all the fluff. How are newspapers going to survive? Stay the same? Conform to new writing styles?

I agree newspapers are on a huge decline. It is problematic to society because newspapers seem to be a more trusted source than the news we see on TV. Do you feel the quality of journalism is also continuing to decline as well?

The point being made about how the newspaper is dying and that it will likely soon vanish is something that has definitely crossed my mind and has also come up in a couple conversations I've had with others. I think that the internet is taking over and more and more people are finding it more simple to simply hop online and google or yelp a question or a current area of interest. I watch the news sometimes with my grandma and that is enough for me, if I want to learn more about the things going on in society around me then I will look it up online. One thing that I wonder is if resulting to using the internet for news that our grandparents use to only find in newspapers, is making our society less-intelegent? In the past, if you bought a paper, all of the information was right there in front of you and you didn't have a TV to turn on so you were more likely to read everything to stay current with events around the world. Now, we get to choose the topics that we want to learn more about by surfing the web or only watching certain topics on TV. I just wonder if this is affecting the intelligence of our society?

i wander with how the news papers are in a major decline will there be a need for as many journalists? and if so cill the journalists have to adapt how they are presenting there news?

In response to the Old Growth Media and Future of News by Steven Berlin Johnson reading, the first thing that came to mind was INFORMATION OVERLOAD. I think the way he describes the future of news is very accurate. Yes, newspapers will decline and the web will have many more news sources. Do you think it will become a problem of how accessible the information is? For example, he writes on p.6 end of the second paragraph, "five years from now, if someone gets mugged within a half mile of my house, and I don't get an email alert about it within three hours, it will be a sign that something is broken." This made me wonder, how is news going to be reported 10 years from now? Right now, we get our news insanely fast, and we can pick and choose what news we want to know. (I use twitter and I only follow things interesting to me). Will there ever be a time where "what's old is new again?" I don't understand how the news will be able to get to us any faster than it does right now.. it's interesting because people, myself included, get irritated when they don't get information the second that they want it. Our society has become so dependent on technology, is this going to hurt us in the future?

Steven Berlin Johnson makes the idea clear that online news sources are kind of taking over. He also points out the fact that some news papers are making the move to online only, or providing both print and web news mediums. I really wonder though about the ability for some people, government or crazy computer geniuses, to alter online news in any way possible. That could cause some really bad problems. I really feel as though thats a real threat. Or is it just paranoia? I also wonder if thats a concern that has been expressed or thought about by online news mediums.

Is it that big of an issue that newspapers are dying? Especially with most of them simply going online and not being completely obsolete. When people get their news solely from newspapers the consumer is only getting one view. When a person has to go online to be informed on issues they are exposed to multiple sites and views. Does the exposure to so many different opinions not better educate consumers of the news?

I thought Steven Berlin Johnson's argument made more sense than Starr's. The newspaper's decline is happening for a reason. Since we are now a digital society, shouldn't the newspapers just try to adapt to it (and many are, I believe) and stop complaining about it? I think Starr has some valid points but does he ever present a solution?

I am not surprised that newspapers are beginning to decline in our country. Do you think by only having the internet someday, it will make our country less-aware of what is truly happening around us? Newspapers give us a major glimpse into every aspect. If we are simply typing in keywords into a websites search bar to read our own biased perspective, what good does that do for us?
Also, with how much the internet has risen, what do you think will be next to climb to its highest potential?

I think the decline in newspaper readership is an issue but it doesn't mean that the world is a corrupt place and people as less knowledgeable now. What other reasons could be the cause of declined readership? Could it be that people aren't willing to support these newspaper monopolies? The article stated that smaller, local newspapers are still doing well. So could the problem of the declined readership in metro newspapers just be because of content and ownership?

Throughout Paul Starr's article, I just kept asking myself, is he afraid of change? We live in an age of technology. Information is so easy to obtain through the Internet that Newspaper companies need to realize that they need to adapt to that if they wish to stay in business. Just because one medium has worked for hundreds of years doesn't mean that it has to be that way forever. On the other hand, will Newspapers ever really die out? Nothing beats a hard copy and they are cheap. Some people who can't afford to access internet when they please are relying on this form of media. What needs to happen is that news papers need to adapt quicker to the demands of the people. Instead of just talking about it, like Starr, strategies need to be made in order to move with society's demand. An important question that should be asked of the newspaper companies should be, "Are we presenting the right content?" With any company that succeeds in their field they are giving the consumer what they want. So, shouldn't this be the goal?

Even though I found the article interesting-- I think it's a moot point... newspapers are dying, they will die, it's a bummer for many reasons. There is a lot of valid, worthwhile, and correct information on the internet, sometimes it just takes some digging. The better question/argument, in my opinion, is how will we adapt to this change-- what can each person do to remain correctly informed?

I don't exactly think that newspapers are going on a dying 100%. Even if there re a lack of newspapers being picked up that doesn't mean that reading it is. I've seen a lot of people sharing newspapers in the classroom when someone comes with a newspaper in their hand talking about the stories.
I also feel as though the internet news isn't accurate because they have to research faster to get the news out as fast as they can and it just doesn't thoroughly get the information out. Do you think that information distortion will become more common because of the internet?
Although I feel as though the writer isn't willing to adapt to the fast moving technology and media change.

I understand where Johnson is coming from in his article. Yes the Newspaper is dying but could he give the new generation a little bit more credit when he says its harder to find things on the web. We know that there are rumor websites and sites that do not have correct information, but that does not interfere with our ability to understand where and what we can look for. What I am wondering is what about the newspaper companies websites and the websites from news televisions shows? They have tons of articles from journalists that also are close to home and local?

I am currently in a marketing class, and we learned about the customer life cycles. When reading the piece from the reader, this made me wonder. Are the people that appreciate classic media forms considered laggards? Also trends tend to by in a cycles, does this mean classic media may lead newspapers to trend back into a primary news source?

Its weird to think the Newspaper industry is dying in my personal opinion because i read the newspaper everyday. Ever since high school i would get dropped off at school and read almost every section of the paper. I do that to this day and i pay more attention to the paper compared to any new station like Kare 11 or Fox 9 news. This article makes a lot of sense to me though because i do not see a whole lot of people reading a print newspaper compared to or what not. My question is do you think newspaper will officially go out of the business that they won't even offer it anymore. A lot of of the older generation are even on the internet now that they do not have to read the formal print anymore. If you do why? Is it because of convenience or journalism or what?

It is absolutely zero surprise to me that newspapers are declining. A majority of people get their news from online sources now, the only problem I see is the validity of what we find online. There have been numerous of times that I've searched an issue I see on the news and thousands of hits pop up and most of them are bloggers. Can you actually trust a blogger? Where is the credibility? I feel like I would be able to create a blog full of non sense and I have zero credibility of a journalist. How do we make this stop?

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