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When I was growing up in my native Liberia in West Africa,the sports I loved most was soccer.I actively participated in many inter high school soccer tournaments so much so that my coach even encouraged me to play professional soccer.We won several trophies, and I played in mid-field.I loved soccer. In most parts of Africa,soccer is like Football in America.Many young boys from poor families are seriously urged on by parents,friends,and even loved ones to play soccer with the hope of "lifting" the family out of poverty.One of my former school mates,George Weah, succeeded in playing professional soccer in Europe, and he brought pride and honor to Liberia and the continent of Africa when he became the Federation of International Football Association( FIFA) player of the year in 1995.FIFA is the world's Governing body of the most famous sports in the world called Football.It's here in the United States that I realized it's called soccer.He even became the only non-European player to be capped the European player of the year in 1995.In the following year,he became the continent's best player ever.But despite these achievements,my heart was broken when my cousin's right leg was broken twice while playing soccer.He had no medical help to seek surgery on the leg.Today,he's disabled.I was utterly disappointed and that one singular experience made me never to play soccer again for fears that when I'm injured,I might not get the immediate medical attention that may save my life especially because I am the first born and the only male child in my family.Therefore,I gave up on soccer not because of media representations of the sports.But with what I'm learning now with American football,I think I would remain poor for life if playing American Football were the only way to get wealthy.


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Semantics, I love hearing your experiences, being that you have grown up in another country. It sounds like you, as well as your family, have been through a lot of major experiences... experiences that have been major challenges. Hearing your take on things has made me re-think mine.

It's interesting to hear your take on things from a different country that is so much different from the U.S. With the way you describe how big of a deal football(soccer)is in Europe and Africa, it makes me wonder if the media representations overseas have as big of an effect on the viewers as the media representations over here are for American football.

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