war made easy

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In the documentary war made easy they talk about how the news creates propaganda to get the Americans citizens to support the war in iraq only playing images of success and how much they need us over there when the reality is very different. "propaganda model focuses on this inequality of wealth and power and its multilevel effects on mass-media interests and choices" with this definition the documentary discussed how the government is in cohorts with the news stations and creating propaganda.
The documentary showed how all the news stations where pro war and then also how if any one was not pro war they would be discredited and slandered on the news stations for what they said and thought. On of the people they brought up was a politician that was originally pro war but later on he no longer thought it to be just and was fighting to have out troops be brought home and the news said he was senile and loosing his mind. Another person that was talked about was a tv talk show man who would question the motives and decisions of the government and at the beginning of the war the tv network fired him to prevent controversy.
When we are brought to light on things like this I think it is our job as Americans to try and fix the propaganda and the broken reporting of the news we have the technology and means to fight ageist the major news conglomerates to produce true new with out bias we also need to have news stations that compete to have the best news and who are not afraid of bring out the problems and faults of the government and its officials, as the consumers of media I believe the news stations will give us what we want but we just have to be forceful enough in telling them it is not ok to just be feeding us propaganda.

Austin Enoch

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Totally agree with you about getting forceful with news stations but how? I feel like every effort made by citizens these days are withdrawn before they can make any dent or change. I wish there were true representatives of the people out there instead of money hungry politicians..... I think if there was a truly unbiased, non-profiting news source that challenged government & that covered real issues it WOULD receive donations and have a large following, but it has to start somewhere and that's where the frustration lies for me and I think a lot of others, we gain knowledge and form opinions yet still feel helpless.

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