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Sorry this is late. I wasn't expecting to not have internet access in Chicago this weekend.

I'm making up the article we read towards the beginning of the semester; Girls Gone Anti-Feminist by Susan J. Douglas. After reading through her article I decided that her main point she was trying to prove is that women have come a long way in that past 50 years as far as what is feminist and we don't need to fight as hard because we have already achieved so much. There is still progress to make because women need to now focus on the problem of sexism. Douglas gives many examples in the article of how women we still in the same stereotypical jobs they've been in for decades; teacher, secretary, nurse. It's interesting because Douglas states how women think they are about as equal as men are even though there are barely any women CEO's and women make 75 cents to a man's dollar. She offers many examples from television such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Xena Princess Warrior. She talks about how these women are put on television to give women an example of a powerful woman. I think the problem with this is these women are not real; they are fantasy figures. If women want other women to look up to on television then they need to be real. The real women that are shown on television are usually always in competition with each other. Such shows as America's Next Top Model and The Bachelor illustrate women in a competition mostly based on looks. This can teach women that the only way to surpass others in success is based on physical looks. Overall I was kind of confused of which side Douglas was on. One paragraph she would be talking about how women do not need to fight for equality anymore and then the next she would mention something about how women need to fight sexism. This could be intentional to keep the reader thinking and let them construct their own point of view about this topic. All together I think she had some really great arguments.

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