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For the final paper I chose option two. I am attempting to display the differences between the mass medias advertising for Black Friday in opposition to Adbusters Buy Nothing Day (BND) and how BND is the better model of reform against the conspicuous consumption that takes place on Black Friday. I chose this idea because of a long lasting bitter feeling that I have always had surrounding Black Friday. The ploys that companies use every year to get people to buy a ton of shit they don't really need has always aggravated me. I shop for the holidays just like a lot of other people, but I go shopping for a specific item. I feel like retailers know this, but attempt (and I would say unfortunately succeed with our society) to get people to come in for that specific item they need, plus, because of crazy deals, get them to leave with hundreds of dollars worth of other crap along with it. I also work for a horrible grocer (Lunds & Byerlys) and the one I work at happens to be a quarter of a mile away from a Target. On November 25th, at 11:00pm, I punched out, walked out to the parking lot and noticed that the line to get into target spanned the entire quarter mile distance from one end of the mall to the other! That ONE Target (out of 1,750) made astronomical amounts of money that night from what I would consider slightly naive people (sorry if anyone reading this waited in line that night).
I am however slightly struggling with making my argument more concrete. Im finding it difficult to support how Adbusters and BND's message is working as the better representation of Black Friday in a more factual and tangible manner than just spitting out my personal bitter attitude and options.


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That is a pretty interesting topic Danny. I usually go out for Black Friday, but I did not this year. I do not really ever go for the items that the retailers want me to buy either, I usually know what I will get and get it later in the day after most of the people are gone. The Black Friday people are crazy as well, like the one lady in California that started pepper spraying people that were trying to get the item she wanted.

I'm writing about a similar topic, mine is more about consumerism in this country but I do relate it to holiday shopping and the ridiculous amount of ads that are out there that make people think they NEED stuff they really don't. You could relate some sort of consumerism issue in there to show that it is a problem and that the BND's message would better our society or something...? But I agree with you about your topic. It is crazy the amount of money people spend on random things just because they are on sale. A girl at my work bought a Wii just because it was on sale for $100 but she said she didn't even want it... i don't get it!? and yes.. the pepper spray? really people?

This type of stuff is absolutely ridiculous!! It is always crazy to hear about and it never seems worth it. This is a very interesting topic and seems like it would be fun to look into.

this looks like it will be fun and also it would be interesting to see what some of the effects of the black Friday advertising are on youth as well.

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