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Immediately I thought of Facebook when trying to come up with an idea for this blog post. Facebook has become a strange alternate reality for millions of people, and is a virtual community that has seeped into almost every aspect of real (tangible) life. This is perpetuated by the convergence of Facebook and other types of media. Media such as Mac advertisements and products, and even further, their applications and synchronization with Facebook. The convergence of these two types of media has in part created new uses for a "cell phone". I don't even feel comfortable calling them that anymore because only half the time they're being used for their original purpose. But that has changed as well- the purpose of the device. I am a total dupe to this- I own an iPhone, I am addicted to Facebook, and I use many of the applications created FOR iPhones to be used on Facebook. For example, I use the app Instagram constantly, updating my "friends" with photos of crap going on in my life that probably isn't even that interesting but hey, I can make the pictures look cool. Therefore my facebook is cool...? Because people "like" my pictures. Oh and Instagram has a "like" option too, which started on Facebook but has bled into every media outlet as a means for fans to express which and what kinds of media they like and dislike (i.e. youtube's thumbs up/down).
Taglines to sell Apple products often relate to "updating" your Facebook or Twitter account from your phone, or tablet, etc. Almost every news, magazine, video website.. or most websites in general now, have an icon or link you can click to embed that website's content on your Facebook page--usually labeled "sharing". Also, instead of creating an account with many websites- if you are logged on facebook, it will allow you to synchronize accounts... this makes using that site simpler and faster but it is extremely beneficial to them because you are giving them complete access to all of your information. The use of Facebook for any other form of media promotion is clutch in reaching target audiences, partly because of this "sharing" option--similar to the idea in the reader piece Buying Into American Idol, gossip fueling convergence... we "share" videos, talk about other media we are consuming, etc. Thus fueling the convergence of these media outlets because it is successful- we have the "incentive to share knowledge" and bring attention to media we enjoy so that others may enjoy it also.

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