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... I feel like such a nerd.

First of all, I apologize because I'm going to say something we somewhat talked about in class because I can go far deeper within it. I'm going to talk about my own experience with fan culture when it comes to Anime/Manga. In the fan culture, a person who is known as Anime fan is known as Otaku (just like how you call Star Trek fans as Trekies). Otakus also have a bad stereotype around them and they're either known as crazy or a creepier (unfortunately). And Anime/Manga has a large range of genre and different types of magazines, publishing companies, and anime companies.
Branding does happen in Anime but it's something you have to find (branding doesn't happen that often from what I've experienced) and America does censor it in fear of getting sued. In Code Geass (which is a super popular anime), one of the characters loves eating pizza. So in the original Japanese version of Code Geass, you can see many Pizza Hut boxes. Pizza Hut did a promotion for Code Geass and they sold a limited time custom Code Geass box along with a code for downloadable wallpaper, and an entry for a contest where the prize is a pizza box and script signed by the creators of Code Geass. If you're a loyal fan of Code Geass (like me) most likely you would become a pizza hut loyal or create a love mark.
Code Geass also has a lot of products along with it such as 4 different series (books) of different character's perspectives, there are plushies, cell phone charms, cosplay, posters, fanart, fancomic (doujinshi), figuring, video games, CDs, contact lens (to match the main character's eyes), etc. I even submit to buying the whole series and a huge poster of Code Geass even though I don't go out to buy dvds that often. I still have a grab of me (unfortunately along with my wallet). In Japan they sold about 900,000 copies of the dvds and one of the best selling dvds in Japan as well.
Code Geass's fanculture is big and filled with emotions. The fans even started a petition on making a 3rd season after the series ended. Because of the petition, the developers of Code Geass decided to make a 3rd season and it is still in process.

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