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Many books series are very good examples of fan culture and convergence culture. For example, The inheritance cycle is a popular fantasy book series about dragons, most commonly known for the first book Eragon. The first book was made into a movie, but like most movies made after books, did a poor job of encompassing the magical details that are present in the book, and because of this as well as massive amounts of fan disapproval, there were no more movies made of the other books. Fans certainly play a large part in this series. The series has two official websites, one for information about the author, the books, upcoming tours, videos and games, and the other website is specifically for fans. I am a huge fan of this series and started reading the books when I was in high school. Originally, the inheritance cycle was suppose to be a 3 book series, or the inheritance trilogy, however when the author released the 3rd book, he concluded at the end announcing there would have to be a fourth book. This started uproar by fans wanting to know every possible detail about the fourth book, which is where the convergence culture comes into play. The website designated for fans had multiple forums for members to post their thoughts and ideas about the last book. The site even included a place for fans to blog about how they thought the last book would end. One of the best examples in my opinion of convergence culture is how the website hosted a contest for fans to submit suggestions for the title of the final book, and the winner's would actually be used for the title. Paolini, the author of the series, started writing the first book Eragon when he was 15, and it wasn't published until 2003, the final book was recently published in November of 2011, (which I haven't began reading yet due to school, because once I start reading the 800+ page book, i can pretty much say goodbye to my social life for approximately 4 days). I cant help but wonder if Paolini incorporated fan ideas into his series, because the website literally had hundreds of forums and blog post of different peoples ideas of how the book should end. I wonder this because Paolini spent so much time on the first and second book, it seems almost impossible for him to complete a 3rd and 4th book in the matter of a few years. Either way, the website embodies fan culture, as well as convergence culture, through its vast number of activities for fans, ranging from games to contests to a variety of forums questioning fans appeal to different aspects of the books and what they expect in the future from the author.

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Great blog post, Stephanie. Very detailed!

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