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To me the ultimate convergence culture comes from the wide world of sports. I myself am largely consumed by this culture. You cannot sit in a classroom full of students and not have at least one of them wearing something to do with some sports' team. I personally wear sports-related clothing I would guess around eighty percent of the time (yes i am aware that is sad). The culture has only expanded over time. It used to be represented by simple things such as collecting of baseball cards and such but the market and the fan base has grown at an exponential rate overtime and only seems to be continuing. Now you can purchase pictures, posters, bed quilts, pillow cases, trash cans, chairs, and all sorts of different household items to represent your favorite teams. You see it on the news every now and then where someones entire house will have only things that represent a specific team that they love. The market has cashed in on this trend as most stores contain some type of sports clothing or memorabilia that pertains to some part of their costumer base. Sports fan cover all of the different bases of fans as well. While, there are the casual fans, which in this day and age are becoming the minority as so many people are becoming consumed with the world of sports and turning into the loyal fans. The people who do not miss a game their team plays and live and die with the result. They post on chat rooms, read multiple blogs, and consistently watch ESPN, a channel designed to air anything and everything that pertains to sports. Sports in general is a prime example of convergence culture, and with its ever-growing popularity, I only expect to grow with time.


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Definitely,I agree with you.Sports in general means a lot of different things to different fans from diferrent places on this planet.One thing I consider sports to be is a unifying force.When my native Liberia was divided on tirbal,political and factional lines,it was sports that united the entire nation.Although it would be a catastrophe to see some political,factional and tribal enemies meet in one place ,it's a joy and delight when the same meet at a stadium or sports pitch cheering one thing:sports.That's why sports has so many fans both loyal and some un-loyal.The growing popularity and sportsmanship of sports,I suspect, will have a huge impact on many people around the world such as has never been seen.Only time could tell

I agree with everything you're saying. It's really sad how the world of sports tends to take over our lives. A lot of times people are so consumed with it they don't even realize how into it they really are. The growing popularity of sports has caused a spike in how the sponsors are advertising in the NFL. I definitely agree with you that the way sports convergence is appearing in our culture right now that it will just continue to grow overtime.

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