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One huge cult following our society has faced in the last decade that holds a large amount of culture convergence in the Lord of the Rings trilogy films. These films have spawned a whole new culture and branch of business that rely on commodities in order to survive. These films have allowed fans to delve much deeper than just simply watching the films. One can not only just watch these films in the theatre or their home, but they can buy them, buy the soundtracks, buy posters, and even buy clothing and memorabilia of the films likes swords and "the ring".
The commodity of the business is necessary for the films to achieve the status they have attained. Without the commoditization they would not be nearly as successful. The films allow the viewer not only to just watch them, but also to create emotional ties with them. They are made in such a way that causes the viewer to relate to a certain character and then that character is marketed outside the film by use of product selling.
Like many other famous films, the Lord of the Rings series were first books before turned into films. As with many other instances, people start to read the books after the film's release. After the Lord of the Rings was released there were many special editions of the book out in stores for people to buy. This promotion gave people an extra incentive and interest to delve deeper into the Lord of the Rings fan culture. Once things like this start to happen is when the films turn into more than just a form of entertainment; they turn into a business for the film studio and everyone else involved. I think it's kind of depressing these days how many blockbusters form into a business and eventually a whole new culture. It really shows how much media controls us and what we are "supposed" to like and dislike.
In the recent years the Lord of the Rings movies buzz has dies down, but with the filming of The Hobbit, a prequel to the trilogy, I think this will spark a whole new like to the Lord of the Rings culture. It's going to add new fans to the culture which I think will make it even bigger than before.

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I have definitely noticed the influence of the Lord of the Rings. There are groups of people that are largely affected by the series and swear by it and I find it fascinating. I also am looking forward to The Hobbit!

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