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i think a great example of convergence is in the halo video games they are a series of teen rated sifi first person shooter games. the games had great success when they where first released and continued to have a strong flowing thought out the next three games. after the second game came out halo 2 they also began to releas books and a comical cartoon called red vs. blue that was a play on how the vs. multiplayer and on line game play was a red teem ageist a blue. the corporations used converging media to create an even larger fan basis by making books and also making cartoons and other parifanila to bring awareness to other fans that may not have originally played the game but in the end because of ether liking the books or cartoon would eventually play. giving the fans the best interactive experience posible. i think they had great success in geting a large and very loyal fan goop and are continuing to further the franchise by making more games and more products for people.

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