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I think a great example of convergence culture is the show, Tru Blood. Tru Blood is a popular HBO show that is based on a series of books by Charlaine Harris. I myself started out as a fan of the books and then started watching the series, which I like as well. Basically, it is about vampires and humans coexisting. There are other supernatural things featured as well. Tru Blood is not for kids and is rated MA for mature audiences. It has a lot of nudity, sex scenes and other very graphic content. Despite the MA rating, Tru Blood has a huge fan base.
These Trubies, as they are called, are very loyal. I think a great example of corporate convergence strategies are the ways in which Tru Blood is marketed. I believe when they initially aired the show, they already had an established loyal fan base to start from due to the popularity of the books. I think they capitalized on this by offering merchandise and Interactive media for the fans who were excited to get involved with the series in ways you couldn't with the books. For example, they have a Facebook page that offers ways for the fan to interact with the show and each other. They have caption contests as well as a Halloween contest where you send in pictures of yourself or your friends dressing up as Tru Blood characters. Tru Blood is also on Twitter and keeps fans updated about things that are happening or will be happening on the show. There is also a large variety of merchandise available. You can buy T-shirts to the Tru Blood that the vampires drink on the show. There are also blogs available that feature Tru Blood characters blogging while they are in character. I think this creates more of a connection with the characters of the show and I think by building these Interactive social communities, they are creating more of an emotional connection with the show. I think by having access to these different forms of media, the show is creating and maintaining inspirational consumers. Consumers that are so loyal to the brand that they actually drink something that looks like and is supposed to be, blood. These are ways for the consumer to continue the show outside of the hour a week when they get a new episode and expanding the show through social media. These loyal consumers are the ones creating a new community and culture for the show. I think by having a fan base that is so loyal to the show, the merchandise and the characters, the show will be around for a long time.

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great blog post, Jamie. very detailed!

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