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My huge interest and what I would call myself a fan of would be Twilight. This topic is something that I at first was not into. I thought it was stupid and too teeny bopper (as my mom would say). My boyfriends sister finally persuaded me to give it a try. Within two weeks I had all four of the books read. I bought tickets for the midnight showing of the 3rd edition Eclipse. With all of this, I still would not call myself a twihard or feel as if I am a diehard twilight fan. I go shopping and see girls in Edward, Bella, and Jacob t-shirts. I have not decided whether I am team Edward or team Jacob. I think those aspects are what bring out the true and through and through fans. I would consider myself a bandwagon twilight fan who jumped on after everyone else said it was books and movies worth my time.


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That is how I am was with The Office. Everyone always talked about how hilarious the show was, and teachers would play clips for us in class. I finally caved and bought season one when is was on sale for $10. After that I couldn't get enough, their stupid humor is what made me really like the show. Now I own all the seasons and will play them when there is nothing better to watch on TV.

I am also a fan of The Twilight series, my old roommate convinced me to watch the first movie and after that I read the books within two weeks as well! It's crazy how something catches you so quickly, guess the writers did a good job. I see candy boxes, posters, tshirts, calendars, pretty much anything you can think of with twilight stuff on it.

I am thirty years old and still a fan of Twilight, I just love the books and recommend them to all my friends! href="">House

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