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I think my enormous interest in sports,particularly soccer, is what I would like to discuss.I am a big fan of Man Chester United Football Club in London,the United Kingdom.I like the sports so much so that I have bought jerseys from the club with the name of one the best players I admired on the jersey as a fan.Although he now plays soccer in Spain,I still admire him.His name is Christiano Rolnaldo.As an inspirational consumer, I encourage other fans of the club who might be disappointed when we are defeated by another club through text messages from my cellphone and on facebook.I sometime give excuses for the club when we lose games whether it's in the English Premier League(EPL),the Carling Cub,or in the European Soccer Champions League(ESCL) that despite everything else,we will have a comeback when we "put on house in order".This fan culture has been extended to my daughter who also watches the soccer games with me.I have no reason why she has become a fan,but all I know is that she's always cheering for Man Chester United in the red jerseys and shouts "the red devils" whenever they are playing whether or not I am in watching the games.

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