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Prompt Redo
For this week, I want you to explain what you are writing about for your final paper.
Some things to touch on:
1. What option you chose
I chose the section option. In picking the counter hegemonic media that essentially offers a light in the media we see every day.

2. What specific texts and/or organization you are focusing on
I will be focusing on rap music specifically looking at Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Lupe Fiasco. I will be looking at their rap through a political economy look, a look at their social standing, and a look at their lyrics. I think overall I will have the arching concept of what makes a good rapper? The answer will still be left unclear sense it is a subjective topic, but I will do my best to make objective.

3. Why you chose your texts, etc. (personal interest, interest from class, etc.)
There is a lot of talk about rap music being so bad but the good in rap music is often over looked. Also rap music always gets a bad rap (I'm so punny), but honestly when people think of rap music they often judge only by the shit on the radio and that only graces the surface. Also I am picking this because I absolutely love Kanye West, and I have yet to write about him.

4. What questions and concerns you have for the final paper (struggling with theory, application, confidence in your text choices, etc.)
One of my major problems is keeping it in the line of option two. Finding the answer to what makes a good rapper isn't exactly the same as finding counter hegemonic media. Also I want to have good support with our class reading which I am having a little trouble trying to define.

5. Anything else you want to add!
After a little research for my paper didn't realize how much money these people make. Poor Lupe Fiasco only makes 8 million year, he has got it rough.


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Your topic sounds really interesting! I totally agree with you that rap music holds a bad image because of what is put on the radio and how the media represents it. I'm curious to see how you are going to prove what a "good rapper" is and what exactly you are basing that on. I suggest doing comparing and contrasting to what you consider to be a "bad rapper". Good luck, sounds like a really cool topic!

I read your paper and I think you did a good job at analyzing your media texts and getting your point across. I think you should consider looking at Lull's hegemony piece and Miranda's article about Rihanna and eminems album to add class reading material and relate it to different media examples.

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