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I posted this as a response. Technology illiterate = me.

I chose Option 2: Media Reform Organization Analysis

2. What specific texts and/or organization you are focusing on

I chose to focus on a media reform organization called About-Face. About-Face is a media reform organization that focuses specifically on the self-esteem in young women. The program helps decipher and decode media texts and uses those to help educate young women on the harmful effects of media. They strive to show young women that they should love themselves for who they are and to not be suckered into thinking that the women portrayed in media are "average". I am pairing About-Face with the show Dr. 90210. I will touch lightly on other reality shows that are similar but my main focus will be on Dr. 90210.

3. Why you chose your texts, etc. (personal interest, interest from class, etc.)
I chose this text and organization because I have a sister who is the prime age to be influenced by media. It concerns me because I have already witnessed how much media impacts her and her friend's views and thoughts on beauty. Being that she is a 12 year old, looks are immensely important to them. I want young women to embrace themselves and to stop comparing themselves to women in media. It breaks my heart hearing my sister and her friends pick themselves apart and compare themselves to the beautiful 'Selena Gomez'.

4. What questions and concerns you have for the final paper (struggling with theory, application, confidence in your text choices, etc.)

My concern is that I have so many ways I want to take this paper that I can't pick one direction. I have a bulk of information saved on my computer and I would love to use all of it... however that would create for a 20 page paper. I am also concerned that so many other people used the same organization as me (from what I gathered from peer-reviews). Overall, I enjoy writing papers for this class so I am not extremely concerned about a whole lot!


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My paper also involved the About-Face Organization and I love the reason on why you chose the text. I also took this option for the paper because I have a sister who has been highly influenced by the media-- the only difference is that your sister is twelve and mine is 24. I think that both reasons are incredibly important because you're seeing it as it happens (hopefully it stops), and I have seen it happen, and what it has done to my sister's confidence and self-image.

Yes the final paper should be your main concern!You need that to be spot on!

LOL, looks like "niceguy44" is telling you what's up! That is SO not me, by the way.

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