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Google search overlooked in Casey Anthony trial

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Reports surfaced Monday that the Florida sheriff's office that investigated the disappearance of Caylee Anthony overlooked evidence that someone used Casey Anthony's computer to conduct a Google search for "foolproof suffocation," the MSN via the Associated Press reported.

According to MSN via the Associated Press, investigators noted 17 entries for that search term using Internet Explorer as the browser. However, they overlooked 1200 Mozilla Firefox searches, the browser Casey Anthony was reportedly partial to using, for the same term.

The internet activity immediately following the Firefox searches consisted of visits to Myspace, according to MSN via the Associated Press.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that during the trial the prosecution presented a lot of evidence of computer searches Anthony supposedly conducted, but the defense was able rebut all of them.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that the missing evidence would not have affected the verdict. Even in light of this evidence, Anthony would still likely have been acquitted, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Death of woman denied an abortion sparks debate in Ireland

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An Indian woman died from blood poisoning last month after an Irish hospital refused to give her an abortion, the Huffington Post via the Associated Press reported.

Savita Halappanavar went to a Galway hospital complaining of severe pain, the Huffington Post via the Associated Press reported. Doctors determined within hours that Halappanavar was having a miscarriage, but refused to terminate the pregnancy because a fetal heartbeat was still detectable.

According to the Huffington Post via the Associated Press, Halappanavar's death has re-ignited the debate of legalizing abortion in Ireland.

A traditionally Catholic country, abortions are only performed in the most severe cases where the mother's life is in danger, according to the Huffington Post via the Associated Press.

Protests have been held in Ireland and Halappanavar's native India, according to CNN.

According to CNN, Halappanavar's husband, Praveen, is demanding answers.

Praveen Halappanavar claims there has been tampering with Savita's file because it does not indicate that they requested repeatedly to have the pregnancy terminated, according to CNN.

Analysis: Diversity

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For this analysis, I used an article from the Washington Times about how elected offices are changing due to diversity.

The story suggests that 2012 will go down in history as a landmark election year. Many advances were made in the way of diversity that seem to be indicative of the country as a whole.

Hawaii Democrat Tulsi Gabbard became the first Hindu elected to Congress, and Hawaii Democrat Mazie Hirono became the first Buddhist elected to the Senate.

While many state made historic decisions about same-sex marriage, Arizona Democrat Krysten Sinema became the fist openly bisexual person to be elected to the House of Representatives.

This story goes beyond stereotypes because it focuses on several facets of diversity that were affected by the election. It also goes beyond stereotypes because the article focuses on how the member-elect of their respective offices are more representative of the make-up of the country than it ever has been before.

It did, however, reinforce a potentially stereotypical notion that representatives who observe Christian-based faiths tended to be Republicans, while those who observed non-Christian faiths tended to be democrats.

The article also talks about the fact that this year, more elected officials than ever before actually do not associate with any religion.

The major source for the article was a Pew study that examined congressional data.

Unaccompanied teens will be barred from the Mall of America all day Black Friday, the Pioneer Press reported.

Unaccompanied minors are typically not allowed in the mall Friday and Saturday evenings, the Pioneer Press reported.

However, the tighter restrictions will be on place for all of Christmas week, the Pioneer Press reported.

This tighter restrictions come after a group of teens threw chairs last year and several people caught the incident on cell phones and posted it on the internet, the Pioneer Press reported.

Over 200 teens were involved in the incident, according to the Star Tribune. Over ten people were arrested following the incident.

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, according to the Star Tribune.

If asked, minors will have to prove their age with government issued identification, the Star Tribune reported. School identification will not be sufficient.

Crash kills three in Inver Grove Heights

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At least three people died Friday when their car crashed head-on in to a school bus, the Pioneer Press reported.

The driver of the bus was not injured, and there were no children on the bus at the time of the crash, according to the Huffington Post via the Associated Press.

The crash occurred west of Highway 55, the Pioneer Press reported.

When police arrived, both vehicles were in flames, the Pioneer Press reported.

The names of the victims have not been released, and police are still working to determine the cause of the crash, the Huffington Post via the Associated Press reported.

Police respond to possible Minneapolis shooting

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Police responded to a possible shooting Friday in the Retek building in downtown Minneapolis, which houses one of two Target headquarters in the city, the Star Tribune reported.

Police received a call around 11 AM of shots fired, according to the Star Tribune.

Employees were told to remain in their offices while police searched the building, the Star Tribune reported.

The report of shots turned out to be false, according to Kare 11.

Police said what people heard were popping sounds due to construction in the area, Kare 11 reported.

Police said the building was all clear after two hours of searching, Kare 11 reported.

Four killed, 17 injured in Texas train wreck

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A freight train struck a parade float in Texas Thursday killing four and injuring 17, according to MSN via the Associated Press.

The crash occurred in Midland, Texas, according to the New York TImes.

According to authorities, the parade float was carrying wounded veterans to an honorary banquet, MSN via the Associated Press reported.

An initial investigation indicated that all crossing lights, arms and signals were in proper working order, MSN via the Associated Press.

Two people died at the scene, and two others died at a local hospital, the New York Times reported.

The 17 people who were injured are at Midland Memorial Hospital, according to the New York Times.

Hamas military chief killed

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An Israeli airstrike killed Hamas's military commander Wednesday, the Guardian reported.

Ahmed al-Jaabari was the head of Hamas's military wing, the Guardian reported.

He died when a missile struck his vehicle, the Guardian reported.

The attack came after Israel warned of its intention to increase targeted assassinations, the Guardian reported.

Israel's intelligence service, Shin Bet, claimed responsibility for the attack, Reuters reported.

Israeli military said in a statement that their intent was to severely cripple Hamas and its control over Gaza, Reuters reported.

Hamas has controlled Gaza since 2007, Reuters reported.

Both the Guardian and Reuters reported that this attack was essentially Israel declaring war on Gaza, and they are prepared to take responsibility for the consequences.

Analysis: Story that uses numbers

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For this analysis I used a Star Tribune article from a previous blog entry that talks about the new Northstar station that opens Wednesday.

The reporter uses numbers in many ways to tell this story. He uses numbers to talk about money in terms of how much the new station cost and how much fares will cost for riders to use this service. He also uses numbers to talk about the times the train will be stopping at the Ramsey station. Finally, he uses numbers to talk about people in terms of ridership.

The numbers in this story are slightly overwhelming. The dollar figures and ridership figures enhance the story, but it was probably unnecessary for the reporter to list all the times the train will stop at the station. He could have directed readers who were really interested in that information to the Metro Transit website. That use of numbers detracted from the story.

It seems like the reporter did little to no math in this story. He simply used the raw numbers. A more effective use of the numbers might have been to discuss ridership in terms of percentages rather than the raw data.

The sources of the data are transit officials, Metro Transit, and the city of Ramsey.

Indianapolis fire kills two people

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Investigators are still trying to determine what caused an Indianapolis explosion and fire that killed two people Saturday, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Officials estimated that the explosion caused approximately $3.6 million in damage, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Several homes were evacuated, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Police have not identified the two people who died as a result of the explosion, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The New York Times via the Associated Press reported that the fire centered on four homes.

The radius of damage consumed two blocks, according to the New York Times via the Associated Press.

Seven people were injured in the fire, according to the New York Times via the Associated Press.

New Northstar station to open Wednesday

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The Ramsey station on the Northstar rail line will open Wednesday, the Star Tribune reported.

It is the seventh stop to be added on the forty miles of track the connect Big Lake and Minneapolis, the Star Tribune reported.

Rides will be free for riders on Wednesday and Thursday, the Star Tribune reported.

The new station was projected to cost over $13 million, but transit officials say the project came in under budget, according to the Star Tribune.

However, the original plan was for the Northstar line to go all the way to St. Cloud, but the line has been dogged by low ridership, according to Kare 11.

According to the Star Tribune, ridership fell from 710,426 people in 2010 to 703,427 in 2011. Projected ridership for 2012 is even lower at 668,000.

According to Kare 11, the new stop will cost $130,000 per rider.

As a way to boost ridership, officials cut fares by $1 in August, Kare 11 reported. The fare cuts are expected to remain in effect until spring.

St. Paul teacher wins $25,000

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A St. Paul teacher was honored Friday when he received a Milken Educator Award, the Pioneer Press reported.

Along with national recognition for outstanding teaching, Stephen Abenth also received $25,000, the Pioneer Press reported.

Abenth, a fourth grade teacher at Highland Park Elementary School was surprised to learn he had won the award, the Star Tribune reported.

Abenth said he plan to return to school to get advanced degree, the Star Tribune reported, but he won't go in to school administration because he has too much fun in the classroom.

Obama re-elected for another term

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President Obama was re-elected for another term Tuesday night, according to CNN.

Other results of the election include Republicans keeping their majority in the House of Representatives, and the Democrats kept control of the Senate, CNN reported.

CNN also speculated that Obama may drive a harder bargain with liberals now that he doesn't need to worry about re-election.

Obama's win seems to shed an even more glaring light on the fact that the Republican party needs some restructuring, CNN reported.

The New York Times reported that Obama's win over Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, was even more narrow than his win four years ago, indicating a country split.

Even though many networks were calling the election in Obama's favor, Romney refused to concede, the New York Times reported.

The New York Times reported that Obama may focus more in his second term on some of the things he under-delivered on in his first term, such as immigration policies.

South Korea shuts down two nuclear reactors

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South Korea shut down two nuclear power reactors Monday, according to AFP.

The reactors need maintenance to repair components that were not properly verified for authenticity, AFP reported.

The reactors could remain turned off until January, AFP reported.

The result will likely be unprecedented power outages, AFP reported.

The parts needing to be replaced include fuses and power switches, according to CNN.

The two reactors are responsible for generating about five percent of South Korea's power, according to CNN.

South Korean officials are looking for ways to minimize the effects on the people as the country shifts into colder weather, CNN reported.

Analysis: Obituary of Lloyd P. Johnson

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The obituary of Lloyd P. Johnson, reported by the Star Tribune, has many sources, most of which are interviews with Johnson's coworkers at Wells Fargo, as Johnson was instrumental in turning around Norwest Bank and the acquisition of Wells Fargo.

The obituary does not use the standard news lead that includes the who, what, where, when and why of the event. It uses an alternative type of lead that indicates Norwest Bank was in trouble in 1985 when Johnson was hired to right the ship.

The news value here is that someone influential in the community has died. He is largle credited with having been the person to take Norwest Bank from dying on the vine to being healthy, thriving corporation. Norwest was a large presence in the Twin Cities, and when Norwest became financially healthy enough to acquire Wells Fargo, that presence became even stronger.

The obituary differs from a resume in that the obituary outlines the effect that Johnson's position with Norwest/Wells Fargo had on the bank and on the community instead of being a laundry list of things he was responsible for.

NYC nanny charged in death of children

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Saturday Police officially charged the nanny accused of stabbing two children in her care last month, according to the Washington Post via the Associated Press.

The nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, was charged with "two counts each of murder in the first and second degree" in the deaths of Lucia and Leo Krim, six years and one year old respectively, according to NBC News.

The children's mother, Marina Krim, came home to find two of her children dead in a bathtub and witnessed the nanny turn the knife on herself, according to the Washington Post. Marina Krim came home after the nanny failed to meet her with the other two children. A third child, Nessie Krim, survived as she was with Marina Krim at the time of the incident.

Authorities failed to say whether Ortega, who is still in the hospital recovering from self-inflicted stab wounds to the neck, has obtained a lawyer according to the Washington Post.

Ramsey Northstar station to open mid-November

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The Ramsey station for the Northstar line will open mid-November, according to the Pioneer Press. The Northstar Line is a public transit rail line that connects downtown Minneapolis with northern suburbs.

The station is opening on time, and under budget, according to ABC Newspapers, a local Ramsey publication.

As part of celebrating the grand opening of the new stop, the public can ride the train for free November 14th and 15th, according to the Pioneer Press. Rides will then be $3.50 each way.

The advent of the Ramsey stop means the discontinuation of a bus line that has long served the area, according to ABC Newspapers.

11 Twin Cities men indicted on federal drug charges

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11 men involved in an alleged heroin ring were indicted on federal drug charges, according to the Star Tribune.

The men face a maximum penalty of life in prison if convicted, according to the Star Tribune. The trial for the 11 men is set to begin in early 2013.

This story, which comes after a mother was arrested for allegedly giving her young daughter heroin, seems to indicate a growing prevalence of the drug in Minnesota, according to the Star Tribune.

The indictment, filed early last month, was unsealed last week, according to the Plymouth Patch.

Internet video shows possible war crime

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An execution video from Syria put on the internet Thursday could be evidence of a possible war crime say the United Nations, according to the New York Times.

The video allegedly shows Syrian rebels executing Syrian government officials, according to the New York Times.

According to the New York Times, a spokesperson for the United Nations said that if the video can be verified, the people will responsible will be held accountable.

The execution comes when some say, in Syria, the term "freedom fighter" is becoming conflated with the term "terrorist", according to the Los Angeles Times.

This has become an issue for groups hoping to to gain support from the Western world, according to the Los Angeles Times.

NYC Marathon canceled following Sandy damage

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Mayor Bloomberg canceled the New York City Marathon late Friday afternoon following growing criticism in the aftermath of Sandy, Bloomberg News reported.

Sandy left residents in several states reeling Monday after dumping rain and snow on much of the eastern seaboard, Bloomberg News reported.

According to Bloomberg News, Mayor Bloomberg felt that hosting the marathon would detract from clean-up happening in all 5 New York boroughs, including Staten Island where the marathon was to be held.

Initially Bloomberg felt that choosing to host the marathon would be a reason for New Yorkers to come together, according to Kare 11 via the Associated Press.

However after mounting dissent from residents, some who still don't have electricity almost a week after the storm, Bloomberg decided to cancel the marathon, according to Kare 11 via the Associated Press.

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