Analysis: Going Beyond the Press Conference

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Police held a press conference in regard to the slain Cold Spring officer, Tom Decker. MPR reported on the press conference.

For this story, the reporters focused on giving readers a sense of who Tom Decker was. Through anecdotes and quotes from friends and family, the reporters paint a nice picture of an officer who ought to be remembered as a hero.

The reporters have gone beyond the event itself in talking with people who knew Decker. Had the reporters relied solely on information provided by the police chief in the news conference, the story might have seemed dull.

However, including the perspective of those who knew him allows a legacy of sorts to live on. The perspective of friends and family also adds a humanizing element for readers who didn't know him. Through that perspective Decker is no longer a stranger but a man who left behind a family who grieve his absence.

The reporters did their job well by making this story relatable.

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