Analysis: Using Large Data Sets

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For this analysis entry, I used an article from Nicar, found here.

In this article the reporter talks about attempting to get information regarding lost war records.

He was working on an earlier piece on a man who died in war, but the army had no record of his death. This sent him on a hunt to find out why records go missing.

He says it's a result of poor communication between US Central Command, and confusion over what records are to remain classified.

To do his piece, he had to submit several FOIA requests. A lot of information was denied because if even one word is wrong in the request, the entire request can be denied.

What information he was able to get, he had to make sense of. He certainly would have needed to be well versed in online searches, as a lot of the information he was seeking could have existed elsewhere online. Not only that, but good Internet searching skills often helps a person narrow and tailor their search to only get the most pertinent results.

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