Four fatalities in four months prompt study of U.S. Highway 10

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Transportation officials will conduct a study of a four mile stretch of U.S. Highway 10 in Anoka and Ramsey following the death of four pedestrians in the last four months, the Star Tribune reported.

A project to turn the stretch from a highway to freeway would cost over $300 million, the Star Tribune reported.

There was a plan six years ago to fix the problematic area, but funds were not available for the project, the Star Tribune reported.

While it is tragic that people lost their lives, both the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press noted that none of the pedestrians who were killed were following traffic laws designed to protect their safety.

They were not crossing in crosswalks or crossing when they had the signal indicating right-of-way, the Pioneer Press reported.

Besides a costly conversion of the highway, other solutions include a pedestrian bridge or putting a chain link fence along the center of the highway to deter would-be crossers from not crossing in the crosswalk, the Pioneer Press reported.

City and transportation officials urge pedestrians to follow the law to ensure their safety, the Pioneer Press reported.

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