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Cowboys tackle arrested after fatal crash

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Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent was arrested early Sunday after a fatal car crash that killed team member Jerry Brown Jr., CNN reported.

Brent was arrested on suspicion of intoxication manslaughter, CNN reported.

Brent's car was travelling at excessive speed when it hit a curb, CNN reported. Alcohol is believed to have been a factor in the crash.

Brent's car flew 900 feet, CNN reported. Brown was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Brent and Brown were also teammates at the University of Illinois, Yahoo News reported.

According to Yahoo News, the accidents serves as another reminder that DUI's are a huge problem that the NFL needs to do something about.

Asperger's to be dropped from DSM

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The Guardian reported that Asperger's Syndrome is to be dropped from the psychiatrist's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.

MSN News via the Associated Press reported that this is the most major change to happen to the DSM in almost 20 years.

The Guardian reported that although Asperger's Syndrome won't appear in the DSM-5, its symptoms will be listed under "autism spectrum disorder."

The Guardian reported that making this change will ensure that people can be more accurately diagnosed in the future.

As a result of this change, definitions of learning disabilities like dyslexia are likely to be broadened, MSN News via the Associated Press reported.

According to the Guardian, the DSM is the authority on mental disorders and countries around the world use it to varying degrees.

Unaccompanied teens will be barred from the Mall of America all day Black Friday, the Pioneer Press reported.

Unaccompanied minors are typically not allowed in the mall Friday and Saturday evenings, the Pioneer Press reported.

However, the tighter restrictions will be on place for all of Christmas week, the Pioneer Press reported.

This tighter restrictions come after a group of teens threw chairs last year and several people caught the incident on cell phones and posted it on the internet, the Pioneer Press reported.

Over 200 teens were involved in the incident, according to the Star Tribune. Over ten people were arrested following the incident.

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, according to the Star Tribune.

If asked, minors will have to prove their age with government issued identification, the Star Tribune reported. School identification will not be sufficient.

Indianapolis fire kills two people

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Investigators are still trying to determine what caused an Indianapolis explosion and fire that killed two people Saturday, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Officials estimated that the explosion caused approximately $3.6 million in damage, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Several homes were evacuated, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Police have not identified the two people who died as a result of the explosion, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The New York Times via the Associated Press reported that the fire centered on four homes.

The radius of damage consumed two blocks, according to the New York Times via the Associated Press.

Seven people were injured in the fire, according to the New York Times via the Associated Press.

NYC nanny charged in death of children

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Saturday Police officially charged the nanny accused of stabbing two children in her care last month, according to the Washington Post via the Associated Press.

The nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, was charged with "two counts each of murder in the first and second degree" in the deaths of Lucia and Leo Krim, six years and one year old respectively, according to NBC News.

The children's mother, Marina Krim, came home to find two of her children dead in a bathtub and witnessed the nanny turn the knife on herself, according to the Washington Post. Marina Krim came home after the nanny failed to meet her with the other two children. A third child, Nessie Krim, survived as she was with Marina Krim at the time of the incident.

Authorities failed to say whether Ortega, who is still in the hospital recovering from self-inflicted stab wounds to the neck, has obtained a lawyer according to the Washington Post.

Nanny allegedly kills two children of CNBC executive

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A mother came home to find two of her children lying in a bath tub with stab wounds Thursday night, CNN reported Saturday. The mother then witnessed the nanny turn the knife on herself.

The nanny, Yoselyn Ortega, allegedly stabbed Lucia and Leo Krim, according to CNN. A third child, Nessie Krim was unharmed.

The children's mother, Marina Krim, expected the nanny, Leo and Lucia to join her and Nessie at a dance studio where Lucia took lessons, according to CNN. When Ortega did not show, Marina Krim went to her apartment.

The children's father, Michael Krim, a CNBC executive, was coming home from a trip, and was notified of the incident by police when he arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport, according to CNN.

The children were pronounced dead at the hospital, and Ortega was taken to the hospital and arrested once police arrived. However, no charges have been filed, according to the Huffington Post.

Meningitis Outbreak Claims 15th Life

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The New York Times reported over the weekend that another person has died from fungal meningitis after receiving a steroid injection.

NBC news is reporting that at least 200 people have been diagnosed and at least 15 people have died as a result of receiving the contaminated injections.

A Massachusetts company may be under investigation after allegedly shipping the contaminated steroids to 23 different states, according to the New York Times.

LGBT group excluded from Anoka Halloween parade

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Anoka's big Halloween parade is just around the corner, and parade organizers denied Justin's Gift, a LGBT youth group, the privilege of walking in the parade, according to MPR.

Parade organizers let the students down via letter dated September 25th, claiming they had reached capacity for parade participators, MPR reported.

However, MinnPost reported that parade organizers hadn't even requested a lisence for the parade until yesterday.

According to both MinnPost and MPR, Jefferson Fitek, the vice president of Justin's Gift, was quoted as saying:

"The kids are pretty upset. We're trying to show these kids that they're part of the community and unfortunately it backfired and sent a completely different message."

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