December 8, 2004

reluctant interviewees

I think I'm getting close to some potential conclusions for my research paper. In analyzing my interviews I'm realizing that most of my interviewees were really reluctant to say that they teach style in the writing center. When I was talking to them, I found it hard to believe that they never teach style in the writing center, especially since I opened the interviews by giving them the broad definition of style as the phenomena outside any formal rules that vividly moves the writer's ideas from the page and into the mind of the reader. My goal in this research is to find how tutor's teach style in the writing center. When they said that the didn't, I had to sort of argue with them and dig deep to find the certain areas of style that they do teach. I did this by giving them more specific ideas of what I think style is and how it relates to the writing center and asking in depth questions about the importance of certain issues and how to apply these issues in the center. I think for every tutor that I interviewed I got them to admit that they do find some shape of form of style important and that they do teach it in the writing center. I think I may be able to conlude that everyone teaches style in some way, shape, or form, although they may not call it "style" per se, and and the way in which they teach it depends on what's important to them and what their definition of style is.

Posted by hoga0094 at December 8, 2004 11:03 AM