December 10, 2004


I think my research paper is finally coming together. I realized I want to expand my research question to both "how important is the issue of style in the writing center?" and "how do you go about teaching it?" and I think it's safe to conclude that the amount of imortance a tutor places on the issue of style directly relates to how they teach it. I can use my survey statistics to help answer the first question, and some of the open ended questions and statistics on which aspects of style are most teachable from my survey for the second one, but the surveys are more or less mini case studies in themselves, and I want to focus on the much more in depth case studies I obtained from my interviews. I found that Peter and Eireanne seem to be polar opposites both in how important they see the issue of style and in how they go about teaching it, and Susan is in the middle, but a lot closer to Peter. I'm hoping to find a few universal traits, I actually know that they're there, i just can't put them into words yet.

Posted by hoga0094 at December 10, 2004 12:59 PM